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Too busy

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
Lately, I've been losing sleep.

Coding, codings all the time... ahh.. I wish I had my school life back. So much freedom. No dateline to rush for. And the relaxation... FUH!.

I'm playing DotA 2 and FF13 for now. As for DotA 2, I'm really hype about the new Phantom Assassin event. Item drops everywhere... crazy!.. as for FF13, I wouldn't dare to start the application. Because if I do, then I'll be facing the game till I sleep. And that's can't do, because I have so much work to do....

As for gaming on mobile, I only have 3 game, O2jam, Ninja VS Pirate and Summoners War.

been "touching" these games for quite awhile now. It is fun, but as usual. If you spend more money, you can be powerful...
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