Posted by : Kuro Natsu Monday, October 27, 2014

This time its Rail Wars!. When I read the title, I was hoping for sengoku period of wars kind anime, but it was different.

Although it is not like what I expected, but it is quite interesting.

My opinion: This anime is good for relaxing mood. Let say you want to take a break from watching heavy anime (such as Gundam SEED, Code Geass, etc) then this anime is for you. The storyline doesn't really there. It is more like an episode end (the whole episode only tell about one story). Well it is a relax anime. Just like K-ON!. But this anime focus on TRAINS! and what it take to work for a train company.

There's a bit of harem and light fan-service. I also get to know many train stations in Japan when watching this anime. :D In the end, I have fun watching this anime.

My Rating: 3/5 (in term of relax anime, I'll give 5/5, but I personally was hoping for a better ending.)

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