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Thursday, August 28, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
I'm currently browsing for a new cursor for my desktop...

deviantart is my pit stop.

here's the link...

 (oh...btw, this is just a quick update).

I was wondering what should I post, then i stumble upon my past post about KuroRevive. So I thought that I should bring up the past post back but with new content.

So, let's get to the main point.

Recently I found a theme in deviantart. A highly customized Windows 8/8.1 Hatsune Miku theme by hoangtush.


like any other custom theme. You'll need few plugins for this theme to work brilliantly. Somehow I managed to get this theme to work in my windows 8. But I have to sacrifice my StartisBack because the theme turn my startisback menu upsidedown. Replaced it with Start8, no theme for start menu though, but as for the rest, work like a charm. :3 so feel free to try it.

This theme works best on windows 8.1. Though, I personally haven't tested it(in windows 8.1).

Here's a preview of the theme. Also, it comes with miku sound pack. Not so many sound but it really is superb (for me it is).

Finally. All CREDITS goes to hoangtush for making this theme. I'm just sharing it since it is a really good theme.

Jaa ne~

Animangaki 2014 - Kamen Rider Cosplay

Monday, August 25, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
As promised:

Mark 2014

Posted by Kuro Natsu
First post in a long time.

7 months since my last post. It really has been awhile. Busy all the time...finished my college life as my last post describe. Now  facing the difficulty of life. I took a lot of job. From a personal driver, then to a Car/Motorbike mechanic, PC technician and currently Web Programmer. Different Path, but it was Tanoshii!!! (fun).

This year.

MARK 2014.

The first anime event I've been to.

Animangaki 2014

Its.... its was SUPERB!!!! I've been dreaming to go to AMG since it was first hosted in 2009. After 5 years, I finally went to it. There's not so much pic that I took during the Event. (I don't know why...probably just too shocked for being a first timer :D).

Here's 2 of the picture:

No picture of me though... BTW, I've recorded a video during the event. I'll upload it to Youtube.

Jaa, mata ne~
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