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Something left behind

Sunday, December 29, 2013
Posted by くろなつ
Its 29th December and new year is right upon us.

College life was fun for me. In college life, I learn to face life. I tried to change, and I felt that I have change a little bit from the previous me.

But sometimes, when we changed, other people don't  know that we've changed. They still think that we are still the same. So they treated us the same way as before( including the harassment and all.). I tried to think positive, but the situations doesn't let me though.

"Just ignore them!"

That's what someone told me a long time ago. That's right, but still the hard feeling doesn't go away  that easily. Hard feelings lead to depression and disappointment. In the end, we can end up being negative.

I met up some old friends just before I finished up college life. Some of  them told me "You are  different now. You're more cheerful and easy to talk to. Very different from the you during high school.". To be truth, those words did make me happy. It was almost like the sun was shining on my cheeks.

My point is, things changed. Cars have computer box, anime quality is improving rapidly, songs quality also better, movies get HD and FHD......BUT WHY??!!  Why can't people  changed? Their perspectives, their motivations, their way of lives. WHY?! Left the bad part behind and reborn yourself. This is the time to live in the civilization. The golden age is already long past.

Winter Anime 2013/2014

Saturday, December 28, 2013
Posted by くろなつ
Yeap, like the title said, Anime Chart and TBA Animes for Winter. I already skim some of the anime but haven't study it all. So I have nothing to consider about these animes right now, except for SAO Extra Edition. I know there  are people who don't like SAO that much. But for  me, I loved it!!! Why? Because this anime is almost the same as .Hack// Series. And .Hack// Series is my favorite!!! Stay alert for more updates.

KuroReview: Avatar: Legend of Korra Book 2

Monday, December 23, 2013
Posted by くろなつ

Avatar: Legend of Korra Book 2

This series had always been my favorite. Even during back then when The Last Airbender was in TV, I love it!!! I must say, the storyline of this book 2 is quite unpredictable. But it was good, though I can already predict pretty much what will happened in Book 3 (if they release it).

Summary: In this book 2, the storyline focus much more on spirit (jackpot on the title Book 2:Spirits). Korra is on a journey to rescue her own water tribe from internal conflict (Mutiny). During the rescue, Korra found out the history of his father and his father's brother. She also discover about Avatar One(or Wan, I don't know) and how the Avatar One discover his own power. Then the battle of light and darkness continues from the human world to the spirit world.

In this book, the spirit part is totally the focus. Just like the past book, (book 1: Air), Korra herself found out her true spirit power even without her avatar power. (This scene is already shown once in the Last  Airbender series, but this time with more explanation.)

What do I think of this series?
Well, I love it. But my own predicted storyline does not hit the jackpot. I  would like the Avatar to be able to learn Tier(level) 2 of the power of element. Fire become lightning, earth become steel, water become ice, and air become storm. This tier 2 power have yet to be shown in both series of Avatar. Avatar Aang already use the 2nd tier of air bending but that only it.

Well too bad the ending of the this series turn out to be giant vs giant battle. I was expecting more like the previous series battle.

My rate: 4/5.


Thursday, December 19, 2013
Posted by くろなつ
 Meia Gisborn from Vandread

Its time for remake. Its restart blog time for  me. (ahh there I go again, saying want to active blogging  but eventually become silent...)

Change my blog layout... I done most of the coding.. except for  the links... I will update the links and along with some  new widget soon. I'm doing this because I am bored.

The HTML code is not mine... The copyright is at the bottom of the page... *Cheers Dude*
Very nice piece of blog design... Takes me some time to  understand the coding, don't worry, I'm getting the hang of it.

Thanks and good night,
There a whole new day waiting for us.

A simple qoutation

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Posted by くろなつ
I recall a simple dialog from the series Mr. Bean.

"Time flies when you're enjoying yourself."

When I was in my teenage age, around 13-19 years old, I keep on dreaming of watching anime endlessly. And I did that. Eventhough I'm 23 this year, anime still a part of my soul.

People around me  keep on telling me to grow up or mature up. But I just can't find the appropriate definition for Mature. What being an adult like? I seriously don't know any of it. I just wanna be the regular me, doing things that I really enjoy.

December 2013, the marker for a turning point in my life.

I completed my Degree, buy myself a gaming PC, watch tons of anime, listening to millions of anime music and MORE!!!

Yeah, I'm moving up in the society. The hikikomori me is no longer in this world. But that doesn't mean, I have changed into someone else. I am Myself but more open to people now. I myself become self aware of that recently. My old friends, school mates and college mates said I am no longer the old me.

Still this name, KuroNatsu, I will not discard this name, this name represent me in the anime and gaming world. I met many friends in the anime and gaming world, some of them already forget about me but its ok. I failed to maintain my relationship with you guys. But I never forget about you all.

I don't know if my friends are reading this blog or not. But if you all do read this. 1 thing I failed to say in the past:

"I missed you all."

Thanks guys for becoming my friends. Thank you so much.

Good luck in facing life. For  the bitterness and sweetness of life.
Regards KuroNatsu.

PS: I recently become fond of Cars.

Industrial Training

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Posted by くろなつ

Well actually today, 7/7/2013, I will start my industrial training... I hope things will be ok... I've  been very busy... and slowly retreating myself from the virtual world... but my body and soul won't let me to part away with the virtual world...

I had too much going on in  the real life but still I have extra time for virtual world... :3 its very nice...  anyway, I started using KakaoTalk, WeChat and Waze... Its fun...

oh! almost forgot, I haven't update about my phones... Will write about it soon...

Ja ne~

Hang out in KL with Ajiep-kun~~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Posted by くろなつ
For the past 2 weeks, I stayed in KL... why? because I need to help my nee-chan in moving... during that time, I hang out at ajiep-kun house... so we went touring around the KL... 

let the picture do the talking....

We went to pavilion, tokyo street, parkamaya and richest bastard mall (JW mariot hotel).... :3 who is ajiep-kun? he's my dragon nest friend, he's also a cosplayer... well anime and game friend... it was fun... even now I'm still at his house... enjoying some games for today, and tomorrow, maybe visit to lowyat plaza...

p/s: see my freedom gundam shirt... COOL!!! :3

Talk talk~

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Posted by くろなつ
I'm not sure whether this post is just sarcastic or being true.

Anyway, people can talk but most of them can't do it... What I hate the most is when that certain people are someone that i know so well.. They seriously can talk confidently, but try doing it OK?

Its no use if you can talk only but not prove it.

My Computer & Netbook

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Posted by くろなつ

Its been awhile since my last post. I wonder why I kept forgetting about my blog. Maybe I am that kind of ignorance type. =.=

Well anyway, today I will present my computer that took me  my whole college life to build this computer up. (roughly 2 years and a half). I am satisfied with this computer.

First of all, the specifications:

1) AMD FX-6100 6-Cores (3.30 Ghz)
2) Kingston HyperX 1600 Mhz 4x4GB DDR3
3) ASUS M5A97 motherboard
4) PowerColor ATi Radeon HD 6870 1gb GDDR5
5) Cooler Master Power supply 750W
6) CMSTORM Inferno Mouse
7) Logitech Gaming  keyboard G510
8) Logitech Webcam
9) SonicGear EVO 7 pro sub woofer

That's about it. Now just listing it is pointless, let me show you the pics:

 My EVO7 Sub woofer

 My Acer 23" monitor

My CM STORM Inferno Mouse

My Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard

 My System and D-Link wireless adapter

Side view  of my PC

Overall arrangement, including speakers and webcam

That's about it for my PC, now onto my netbook. I don't really like laptops and netbooks but I got one netbook, acer aspire one for free. A gift from my aunty. Since its quite old already, I installed Linux on it to make it run faster. Windows works slow in it. So here's how I arrange it:


That's all of it. That's my computer and netbook that I'm currently using. Nothing fancy, but I love my current devices... ^^ Thanks, drop a comment if you have good ideas on how should I improve my pc more.


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