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LiSA - crossing field (Live@AFA2012)

Monday, November 12, 2012
Posted by くろなつ
This is from AFA SG 2012 (2days ago), I've watched last night May'n performnace, and it was a heaven! yeap, I'm satisfy..

Funny Bunny & Michi

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Posted by くろなつ
2 weeks ago, I've finished watching SKET Dance... It was boring when I first started it, but as I keep on watching it, I loving it.. =D

And I hooked up with 2 songs from it... which are as the title stated.

Heat monitoring

Saturday, September 8, 2012
Posted by くろなつ
A little update on the heat problem of my graphic card.... but I think this is normal temperature for this model...

Its been awhile...

Friday, September 7, 2012
Posted by くろなつ
So how long since my last post here? couple of months? hahahaha.... been busy like hell with my life... I hate to say this but now, I'm started to live in the real world more than living in the virtual world. It's happened when you grew up, you keep forgetting the old days and keep on moving forward without looking back...

Last night, I have a dream. I met all my friends that I've been dying to meet : Kexin, Yee Ding, Yan Ting, Karunagaran, and many more.... I wonder how they are doing now? I missed them so much and it was my mistake of not contacting them in the first place.... me and my problem: SHY! =.= <--sweat face..

I missed the most is Kexin, I only met her for 5 minutes then I never met her since... it been years... and I hope she's not angry with me... I thinking of meeting up with her this up coming December.... got a full month of holiday so I'm gonna hang out at Selangor. And hopefully I can meet with Yee Ding too, never met her before... but it was fun sharing all the anime stuffs with here...

oh!! yes! I promise to update on my new computer status. For now, here's the graphic model :

Pretty cool isn't it? XD
Model : Power Color ATi Radeon HD 6870.
My opinion: It is a cool graphic but the heat is quite high... need to test it a little bit longer and review it again.

Hebi Malay fansub status

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Posted by くろなつ
The fansub group that I've joined was shut down... my leader, Hebi, decided not to do anymore fansubbing after our group's work being robbed by other fansubber group... its such a waste though... but it is his decision and I respect that decision.

the group is officially closed, and I lost contact with hebi, barely see him online his gtalk, well, I am busy myself, final year at college... trying to be more active in blog after this... maybe i will focus more on anime updates and game review, its been awhile since my last Kuro Review... =.=

need to pull myself together...!!!

Diablo 3

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Posted by くろなつ
The most recently game I ever played is the Diablo 3... which was released 5 days ago, on 15 may.

I have to admit, it is HELL NICE! and I was playing it everyday since it released...

My cousin bought this game for me... lucky me,

ops,, mom's calling, gotta go..~~

Semester Holiday!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012
Posted by くろなつ
yeap, currently I on end-of-semester-holiday for 2 months, (May & June)... thinking of what should I do focusing on my final year project. I'm thinking of developing a game using a certain development software but the problem is that I don't have any idea of developing anything... I played too much games but I didn't know what kind of games that satisfy my the most...

Other than that, I'm just slacking around in my home town with nothing to do... but I'm thinking of returning to my anime-japanese-to-english-transation-works (fansubs works). Maybe I will not do translation under a fansub, I think I will do it alone, starting with some of my favourite OP and ED songs. Translating the songs from Japanese to Malay will be a great experience for me.

And the best stuff being at home town is, I get to eat sugarcane for FREE! (also drink it). HAHAHAHAHA, I just love sugarcane~ better chop down some later for my meal~ OH YEAH!!!

1 last thing, currently I'm addicted to this song:

It's the Beelzebub 4th ED...already have the singles~ =D

revert or forward?

Monday, January 23, 2012
Posted by くろなつ
playing games are nice... but the after effects are not so good for me...

struggling and keep on running away, is that all?

tends to improve but didn't improve....

and soon, death is near..

some bull-shits huh?
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