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Native language 2

Friday, August 19, 2011
Posted by くろなつ

syukur, hari ni duit ptptn da masok. sampai gak hajat di hati nak belanja member2 makan. (tp member 1 rumah je la). skrang nak belanja member2 1 batch makan lak. Buat majlis kesyukuran skit sempena dapat pointer 3 lebih. ^^ sem lepas dah buat dah. sem ni x buat lg... hehehe harap hajat ni tersampai jugak ^^

puasa da sampai separuh. lagi 2 minggu, dah nak raye. wow.. cepat mase berlalu. pejam celik pejam celik je.. sem ni mintak2 la dpt pointer 3 lebih gak (nak lg tinggi dari sem lepas, target = anugerah dekan!!! GAMBARO ZO!!! OH!!! xD )

(lorat terengganu)
oh ye, lupe plok...  hanis, tq sbb beli tiket ke aku... kite blk same ah kampung, sori ah bro lambat sket.. jgn maroh eh... raye kekgi aku gi braye kat umoh mg... ^^

Nuar, jgn tension ngat kes pc mg rosok.... nok pinjam duit nge aku lu ke wat bekki pc mg? blh je... skit2 blh ah.. byk2 tu... hmmm... akan dipertimbangkan...hahaha

Wan, dok aci ah mg balik awal lg dari aku... .T__T nok ikut gok~~ kakah ni mmg x tggu org lasung la... bwahahaha...

farid, ....adok mende nok kate ke mg, tggu raye lu ah baru lepok same... aku blanje mkn udang & sotong celup tepong nge ikan bakor... bereh ah tu...

member2 lain tu, aku ucap selamat berpuase n selamat menyambut bakal aidilfitri... (puase 6 jgn lupe lok...hahahaha...besor pahale tu...)

saigo wa, jibun jishin e:
"nani mo kangainai" to iwanai! kangai wa touzen no koto da! gambare ore! makenaide ore! YABURE KABURE OMOIKIRI! xD duragon bo~ru no uta wa saiko!!!!!!!!!! sugi wa duragon bo~ru GT to Z(majin buu-hen)... download  ganakya.... :P

p/s: dont want translate the meaning for the japanese words, its a message to myself xD.


My desktop's desktop now... ^^

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
Yeah, its my desktop again... when I talk about desktop, i meant a real desktop. I owned a desktop and a laptop (though i just got my laptop recently, my Nii-san gave it to me, a quite an old model but it should have all the things I need for my study,  and I was only planning to use it only for studying). Currently my laptop is not working, it is broken (it was like that when I first get it) but nvm. I gonna fix it sooner or later. And now, the bad news is my external harddisk is broken too T__T there goes my 750GB of collection.... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but nvm also! still have backups for that one somewhere.....(i think...)

Ah, yes yes, my desktop is not a very decent desktop but it is sufficient for gaming. Okay, first of all, see the performance:

I did this desktop myself back when i was in high school. yeah, it took so long to be perfect but i'm satisfied with it ^^ (oh yeah, i'm playing a browser game named Caesary behind... ^^)

as for my graphic, see this :
okay, i admit, my graphic is kind of lame and low performance, i have no choice... i bought this graphic back when i was in high school and have no intention of  changing it. (more like i wanna change to a whole new PC instead)...

NEXT! onto my desktop... xD

hehehe, this is just too cool.. i like .hack//G.U., its one of the best game i ever played... ^^ haseo ROCKS!!!

WinAmp, love it. i use classic skin.... because its simple and the size is small (my monitor is just a small 1024x768 resolution CRT.... SAD!) BEH! nvm, changing to LED screen soon, 22 inch or 24 inch or 28 inch instead? xD

Guess I'm done with my talking... well then,

Farewell Thee! >.<


Monday, August 15, 2011
Posted by くろなつ

is that so? >.<


Dragon Nest

Posted by くろなつ

I started playing Dragon Nest a month ago. I must say, they(korea) did a great job this time. This game is so epic that i recalled back my old-self, the gaming self.. ^^ The gameplay was nice, in fact the graphic is amazing(okay, maybe not too amazing, but hey, it looks nice in low performance pc). Of course, it is full 3D. xP

Anyway, Mr. Google is the best option to research about this game. ^^ the OBT (open beta test) will be release soon(tomorrow) for SEA (including Malaysia). I made a banner on this game early this evening. Check it out:

 This if the banner for it. RENEGADE is mg guild-to-be, and of course, my nick, KuroNatsu ^^

As for this one, i changed the size to fit it as forum's signature. ^^ i know i know, its dull looking, but i did my best and i'm satisfied with it.


Sunday, August 14, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
when people know your weakness, they tends to mention it everywhere and to anyone. This is the so called bad-mouthing. They have no respect for other person, how they feel. Well, no use blaming. This is the human limitation. They tends move forward stupidity that eventually they will fall and cannot get back up again. Though they, themselves are thinking they are standing at the top, trampling every person with their feet. Such enjoyment... is that what is right? the truth? the divine?

NO! I don't think so.
People are corrupted,
The surrounding are corrupting,
The whole world are in corruption,
Let us bid farewell to corruptness.

anonymous once said:
"for corruption is meant to be forgiven and washed away"

There's no hop anymore,
the corruption is the people themselves,
and they aren't realizing it.
sad... this is just too sad.

Cry as I am part of the corruption.

p/s: Just release what's in my mind.
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