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currently finished download...

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
hmmm i checked my new downloads... and it turned out quite nice... check this out..

Native language

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
okay, maybe i should write a little bit in my native language....

Perjalanan hidup yg disangkakan senang tetapi sebenarnya susah. Halangan di kiri dan kanan. Beban di atas. Macam mana utk mengelak?

Cara penyelesaian plg senang: x payah mengelak, hadapi sume dgn hati yg terbuke je... ^.^


Monday, July 18, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
okay, so i renamed the name for the blog again.... why did i choose this name? This name is what i am before and what i will not become again... try search the word NEET and you'll see my point... Why i.g.NEET not i.m.NEET? i.g.NEET is simply a short form for "i go NEET" or from my point of view is "I'm trying to go away from my NEET self to turn into a better self". i.m.NEET on the other hand, clearly shows me that "I am a NEET" which is totally not related to my target. I know i sound ridiculous but come to think back again, I made this blog due to Sakyou-chan supports and encouragement, and that very encouragement hit my heart hard and made me think again for my purposes of this blog.

I am a NEET,
I am trying to change,
I am changing,
to a better KuroNatsu...

Thanks again to Sakyou-chan and Akira-chan for both encouraging and giving me all the goody advices when I'm in trouble. How can i repay you both?...
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