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College life

Monday, June 27, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
its been a year since i got into college. it was fun... and tiring. as for my result, well, i think i did great, but the result are not really inside my expectation... maybe my "great" is not great enough...T__T

Holiday's day is running low...soon it will be 2nd year for me... yeah, Senior, once again.... and i got my presidential work in the IT club.... darn this is sickening....but i have to....Shouganai! (no choice)....

currently i'm working on "kore wa zombie desuka?" subtitle in Malay language.... done with episode 1, will submit episode 2 to my fansub leader... i must say, this subbing job really put me in quite a situation but luckily, i have an understandable leader, Hebi-Hime(a HE, not SHE), which keep on supporting me... Arigatou Hebi (^_^)

well this is the what-i-think-great! :

 1st sem:

2nd sem:

p/s : i still have far away to go...

The Past Day

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
okay, i did something stupid today.... try google-ing the name "kuronatsu"... and the results was great... among the many... i found a link to Sakyou-chan's websites!! and i read the post :

~~~~Sakyou-chan's post~~~ Date: 28 December 2008


I didn't woke up late or early today.

We reached my grandmother's house around lunch time.
After lunch, I got Shan Jie Jie to drop Michelle, Audrey and me off the bus stop to go the Mines; I'm meeting Natsu.
He's in KL!

We walked around and around, ate McFlurry, walked again.
Well, we're not the only ones suffering, Natsu is too; he's accompanying his sister shopping somewhere. LOL.

He told me he would be here at around 3.00pm but guess what?
he reach only at 5.00pm!
I even got my pedicure done. Haha.
Anyway, I'm not blaming him or anything, I'm the one who wanted to wait.
So, Natsu, stop feeling guilty already =)

At first I was worried he couldn't recognize me because I just had my haircut.
From far I saw sebatang kayu waiting then I know it's him already. Hee =P
Aki-chan, he's a baby-faced with a cute smile. And thin. Haha.
After few hours of waiting, we only met for 5 minutes. Sweet.
Shikatanai. He's got to go, I got to go...

Thank you so much for all the trouble, Natsu.
Must come again next time, we'll go hang out with Aki-chan.
Then, it'll be my turn to visit Terengganu. LOL.

Honto ni Arigatou~!
  ~~and after the failed meeting, i posted a comment under that post.... here it is:
hahahaha... sakyou-chan said that i have to sleep outside.... BWAHAHAHA!!!


Saturday, June 25, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
okay i have to admit, people jealous of me taking a pic of me having a scandal with a cat.... why did i care? xD

i got 51 comment in less than a day.... WTF?! people love me or people love the cat?



Thursday, June 23, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
just got home from selangor... its quite tiring... T__T

well, hope i can take it slow after this.... still got "kore wa zombie desu ka?" to sub... and bunch of other stuffs that i need to do at home...  ahhh....



Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
well recently SKMM decided to block many file-sharing website... this is sucks... how am i suppose to download after this... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz LAME!!!

some of the few websites that are being blocks is wikileaks, piratebay, megaupload.....

thanks to that blockage, almost all hackers in malaysia turn into raging monsters... governmont website being hacked after one and another... as a downloader, i'm quite happy with it because the blockage prevent me from downloading all the movies and softwares i need... but on the other hand it is quite useful because i learnt something new right after the websites being blocked....

well this is the blog that report about recently hacked government website...


and in youtube, there is another annunciation that another government website is being targetted... i think its in the early july...whether it is correct or not, just wait and see... ^^

I'm wondering....

Friday, June 3, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
I'm wondering.... about myself.
I'm wondering....what should i do.
I'm wondering....if things are fine with the way they are now.
I'm wondering....if i can be more social.
I'm wonder where I'm belong to...
Extremely depression and sadness is haunting me.
can i overcome this feeling once again?
or should i just give it up?
I'm wonder.....

Eternal Boredom.

Hanging out with my college friends ^^

Thursday, June 2, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
I checked my phone pictures, and i found something nice ^^, check it out :

 This is Puteh, my onee-chan's cat...he's big alright =.=

Eating some durian... ahhh the heavenly taste xD

Helping my friend playing Pockie Ninja in his lappy.... xD (we poor, don't have the money to buy a table, so we use box..... =D)

Guitar~~~ long time don't play this xD

 Hanging with my friends.....What are they doing? Seems like a serious discussion... NAH!!! they are just making fun of me... HECK THEM!

 bro, dont give me that boring face xD

Finally, this is me... =.= i'm small alright  =.="
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