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My new handphone

Friday, May 27, 2011
Posted by くろなつ
changed my handphone a month ago,

before this new handphone, i use SE W200i..... it is quite nice but not many function in it. I need a handphone with many functions(at least support Wi-Fi) due to my asignments in college. >.<

So my new choice is SE also....don't know whether it is the latest one....i cannot spend too much money for just a mere handphone... SO this is my new choice SONY ERICSON XPERIA X8 (black).

yeah this is my phone right now.... it got wifi, bluetooth and bunch of useful is nice ^^ in fact i got 4 times bigger storage than before (w200i = 2gb, this one = 8gb)...overall, i am satisfied, thought it is full touch and its hard for me to type SMS... but nvm....i can bare with that ^^


Posted by くろなつ
Yup, i on 2 months holiday, a month already passed and i got another month to go until my next sem of college... somehow i'm getting tired with problems.... i sure need some encouragement right now...

Haaaa......i don't know what should i put anymore... my mind is just full of confusing things... i need to relax and take it easy...maybe i need to lock myself up in a quite room for a few days....
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