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KuroReview: Romeo x Juliet

Monday, November 22, 2010
Posted by くろなつ

I was postponing this anime for a long time, maybe few months already. xD but in the end, out of boredom, i watched it. Okay, i already knew that it is a Love Anime, but i still, my heart doesn't feel right when i about to push the "delete" key. xD In the end, i didn't delete it (i do now, after finishing it. Low on Hardisk Space to download xD).

Okay, enough babbling. Now, on to review.

Do you familiar with the drama "Romeo & Juliet" by Williams Shakespeare ? I know i do, since i took the literature paper for my exams before. It is one of the drama that i have to study. I must say, that drama is quite a masterpiece. I really enjoy the whole drama (though i cannot understand it fully). Well this anime is TOTALLY! different from that drama. I can say that it is not same as the original "Romeo & Juliet". But the anime is quite nice in their own. xD

 Quote from Anime News Network:

Genres: drama, fantasy, romance
Objectionable content: Significant (bloody violence and/or swearing and/or nudity)
Plot Summary: This is a story of a young and tragic love, set in the aerial city of Neo Verona. Tyranny rules this island in the sky after the Montague family took control 14 years prior. The disparity among the wealthy and poor is apparent in the present state, the earth dries and water stagnates. The sky itself is wrapped in a deep dense fog. Both Romeo and Juliet's lineages are of present and past ruling families of Neo Verona. Romeo is the son of the current Montague dictator, Juliet (a beautiful woman) masquerades as a man (Odin), she's the last descendent of Capulet the previous rulers who were killed by an assasin's dagger 14 years ago. Her true background is not to be revealed to her until her 16th birthday. The cruel hands of fate introduces 2 people who will become "Star Crossed Lovers".
Opening Theme:
#1: "Inori ~You Raise Me Up~" by Lena Park
Ending Theme:
#1: "Cyclone" by 12012
#2: "Good bye, yesterday" by Mizrock
Running time: half hour per episode (24 minutes to be exact, standard most animes)
Number of episodes: 24
Episode titles: We have 24
-------------CREDITS TO ANIME NEWS NETWORK-----------------
 My Review: As I said above, this anime and the original drama is not related. The plot is different and the anime version have more add-ons than the original (well, its anime DUH!). But as you watch, they try to make it almost drama-like. I notice that some of scenes is just as the original drama's. Well the conflict between the Capulets and Montague are right on the spot. Also, (some spoiler), Capulets is representing the Iris Flower and the Montague representing the Rose Flower. Well, if i continue writing, I will spoils the good parts! xD.  From what I see, this anime have both Handsome and Beauty. xD So it is quite suitable for both guys and girls. Anyways, Just watch it! XD
 My Rating: 5/5 - Nice plot, Balance between female and male character, Nice songs.

Not Enough....

Friday, November 12, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
why is it not enough? i have been wondering for sometimes actually...

What is the thing that i want the most?
When i asked myself that question, i started thinking....what it is actually?

Then suddenly, the answer just came to me in a form of anime...xD
when i watched the Negima! OAD episode 4. Negi learn to accept the darkness power. to accept that, he must accept all...

that's my answer, i want all, i'm greedy. YOKUBOWARI MEIOU KURONATSU, sore wa ORE!!!!.

---------------------------------------updates on some of the animes----------------------------
To aru najutsu no index season 2 have been released for quite sometimes. GO GET IT!

also, there's Motto To-Love-Ru

and Negima OAD ep4,

Bakuman too....xD too many~~~


Thursday, November 11, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
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