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Yup! its Fate/Stay Night again. This time with the Movie!!! the newly released movie, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. Focusing more on the Emiya Shirou and how he's related to Gilgamesh and Archer.

Opening Theme:
"Imitation" by Sachi Tainaka
Ending Theme:
"Voice ~Tadoritsuku Basho~" by Sachi Tainaka
My Review: i think its nice.....correction!! VERY NICE!!!....the anime is just the synopsis for the anime series. but with different ending...Sorry!!! but that's all i can reveal...i hate spoiling the good stuff. ~~ =D Most of the character is in this anime...but they skipped many things. SO!!! if you don't want to confuse yourself. i recommend on watching the original first before watching this movie... =D 
i like the actions in this movie....many fighting, less talk... =D Since i didn't put up the summary of this anime. i will replaced by introducing the character. 
(I am Saber) =D
She is the reincarnation of King Arthur, the wielder of the Holy Sword, Excalibur.
No need for long intro bout this babe, =D

Archer (Hero Spirit Emiya)
I don't really know what mythology he's from but, according to the movie, he said he was fighting to protect people. I like the sentence where he said "I killed thousands, but save millions of people". One of his power is very similar to Gilgamesh, where he called thousands of sword to pierce down his enemy. (Shirou also have this kind of power)
This dude here is Lancer.
I don't really know what mythology he is but here the info i got:
Also in Irish myth Cu Chulainn weilded the spear Gae Bolga, or Gael Bolg.
In this anime, he still use the spear Gael Bolg.
I have no idea what mythology he is....someone help me on this one....=P
His brute strength makes him one of the tough character in the anime and movie.
This HOT dude here is the Samurai
I bet he's from Japanese's mythology.
Sorry again, I don't really study Jap's myth. T__T
She's Rider.
what myth? no idea.....all the rider myth that i know so far is only the ghost rider.....=.=
This is Caster.
No idea what myth ALSO!! DAMN....
She's expert in magic and long range battle.
In both anime and movie, she's cheated in the War for the Holy Grail. =P
Gilgamesh, or also known as 'The King of Heroes"
according to myth, he's the only king that own all swords.
Trust me, he's very hard to deal with... =D

Okay!! that's all. I don't want to put up the Master character such as Emiya Shirou, Rin and others because that would spoiled it too just bear with the Servant character.... haha....

My rate on this anime = 5/5 -action anime-
It is available to download at (direct download and torrent).

Sore ja!!! Mata ne!!!

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  1. Heroic spirit emiya:
    The future hero that Emiya Shirou would(or will) become
    Counter guardian promise strength by the world in order to save it while promising to be the guardian in its time of need. betrayed by his own ideals
    Beserker, Hercules:
    Heroic spirit of the demi-god son of zeus. Noble phantasm is god-hand, 11 lives for his 11 labors. Actually an archer, but lost his weapon when he became beserker.
    Kojiro Sasaki, assassin:
    A false hero summoned by caster. Actually a legend based on a legend of an actual swordsman of japan.
    Caster, Medea:
    Daughter of a king who betrayed her country to save and side with Jason of the argonauts. Afterwards was made into a web of witch tales and conspiracies.
    Rider, Medusa:
    A gorgon woman, whose gaze can turn any to stone. A witch who can summon forth a pegasus.
    Gilgamesh, Archer:
    King of heroes, king of the world when it was one. his treasurey, babylon, holds every sword in existence.


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