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One Piece Strong World

Saturday, August 28, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
well i know i'm a little bit slow, i was quite busy with asignments. its almost holiday soon. (next week to be precise). i downloaded the  movie  (somehow) and done watching it. it is fact better than previous movies...XD

i seriously recommend this movie. xD it is still available on torrent and direct download...(checked already) but i think it (torrent and direct download links) won't last long, because the anime licensing is quite high.... just be fast and go downlaod it....i don't want to spoil it much more. but it was nice!!!!. Shiki the golden lion....

Also, another news to J-magazine fan. check out their website. they have released the new magazine for some time was nice, i haven't had the chance to read it, but i manage to see through it. its nice.... new ranking for the moe girls...xD

Celcom Broadband

Monday, August 16, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
just like the title,

i subscribed to celcom broadband....not too expensive package.. just the normal rm68 per month....the speed is not fast...well its just the same as my home streamyx's speed. 512kb (download = 50kb/s averange)....

well, of coz the limit is sucks....only 3gb of download per month....damn~!!!! but nvm..i'll bear with it... as long i have a internet that i can use....

i haven't bought a laptop yet....for now, i brought my desktop to my hostel....surprisingly... it was better than those laptops.... hahaha~~ i hate when people say "ahh there it go laptop is overheat".... =P

luckily, desktops don't have that problem...LOL~!!!

now is the fasting be truth, fasting month = other months to me..... because, i always starve myself to the very limit....LOL~~ thank god i haven't got any gastric so far.....

maa maa....enough for that chit chat.....,
now onto new animes update.... currently, digimon xros wars, really stole my interest....i watched its OP song... i must say, the design of the digimons....are  just too F*CK!!!.... but i'm guessing the storyline is rivaling the digimon 02....hmm hmm....YOSH!!!

so far, i checked up till 6th episode released....i don't know whether episode 7 is out or not yet... but soon.... also, RyRo is doing the english SUBS, which is another good news.... fansubTV is sucks at following it up....nvm.... there always nyaantorrents to the rescue.... xD
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