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after so long since my last post, i'm back again with some HOT stuffs!!! xD.... why i was away for a long time? well, i can't really find something nice to post in my blog....someone said to me...write something meaningful in your blog, that way, you can get more readers.... =D

Have you tried windows 7? If you did, then good for you, if you haven't, maybe you should try surfing or reading about it....=D if you think the normal windows 7 is just plain and dull looking... i got just the things for you... try this out : windows 7 madobe nanami.... this windows is still the normal windows 7 but with different theme. The one and only  (operational system) OS-tan Madobe Nanami official theme released by a certain company in japan (sorry forgot the name =P)...

windows 7 requiremet:

1 ghz processor
1gb ram (512mb also can work, i tried it. 256mb don't know, haven't tried)
10gb harddisk space (actually it require below than that, but for installation of programs and windows update, just spare 10gb for it =D)
optional = Graphic card AGP or PCI-E

enough with the brief explanation of windows 7 (for questions, just leave it in the chat box, i will answer it eventually)... now back to the MADOBE NANAMI theme. here's the ROCK stuffs. =D this theme does more than change the appearence of the windows, but it also change the sounds setting of the windows. For example, when you plug in the USB device, you can hear the EAR SICKENING sound of *TUT* *TUUT* (i hate that sound)... but if you use this theme, instead of the ear sickening sound, you'll hear a smooth girl's voice saying "ahh sunagattayo" (ah~ its connected) when inserting a USB device.... JUST WHAT A ANIMEFAN NEED!!!!

Plus!!! the girl's voice that you hear is originally Mizuki Nana's voice (a famous japanese seiyu). i won't say no more~ try it for yourself:

Download the Windows 7 tan desktop pet here

Download the official windows 7 tan them here

A lot of windows 7 tan wallpapers

Link to tutorial for changing the media center background

Credits goes to MasterRater27 for this uploads... =D
Subscribe or Thanks him at: HERE


Here's my desktop display: 
Kawaii Desho? =D

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  1. cun bro,,,, tunggu ar aku bli lap top kekgi....

  2. hahaha~~ ok!!! =D enjoy~!!! ade problem, comment je, aku akan reply!!! =D


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