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Saturday, April 24, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
ahhh this website is nice. nothing more from my best source of torrents:




currently, these top 3 website is my main searching place. =D more torrenting, and less direct-download. My streamyx also running on smoothly now, and NICER download speed. 40-60kb/s every second. =D oh man, need to buy myself a new harddisk. Running low on spaces. xD LMAO!!!!

What does LMAO mean?

hahaha, enjoy~


Thursday, April 22, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
today, half an hour ago. the TM technician came....and fix my damn problem. As i suspected, the problem lies within the wire, old wire actually. I already planned how to wiring goes, and thank god, the technician follow my will. =D i am so glad. Hopefully there won't be another this shit problem, because it is sucks!!!! and driving me crazy. (i turned into a total SHIT yesterday, don't want to talk about it.)

Other than that, my friend informed me that the UPU (university application results) will be out by the end of Jun. That's mean 2 months away. I have so much free time right now, thinking what should i do next... for starter, i'm thinking of going to KL, next week or the week after it. Still thinking though.... Also i should find myself a job, not a decent one but meaningful, that way, i can have some income going. =D Don't have to think much about money. YEAH!!!! yosh!! >: D

Animes, i'm following the new releases, not all of them, only certain. I'm focusing on last year's animes. I've posted the poster in this very blog, but i didn't download them. I was waiting for full releases. =D

Just few hours ago, i'm done watching To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, it was nice, i will write a review on it, its been awhile since i last did that. =D *ops* no spoiling......sorry =D

Oh yeah, for firefox user, feel free to use the personas, it is SO NICE!!!! =D currently i have an animated picture of mahoro-chan (from mahoromatic) as my firefox background. KA-WA-I!!!!!!!!!!!

Vocaloid update

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
Its been awhile since my last post on vocaloid. =D Ja, without wasting time. IKUYO! :

Kiyoteru Hiyama

Kiyoteru Hiyama (氷山キヨテル Hiyama Kiyoteru) is a Japanese Vocaloid released in December 4, 2009. He is developed by AH Software. He is meant to be portrayed as a sensei (teacher). His treble range is supposedly smooth, which allows for an easier usage of the higher octaves. Three demos have been released, named "Seichi Jerusalem", "Wings", and "I'll love you again".

Developer AH Software
Release date December 4, 2009
Gender Male
Optimum tempo 60-160
Optimum range C2-G3
Character Item Undecided

Yuki Kaai

Yuki Kaai (歌愛ユキ Kāi Yuki) is a Japanese Vocaloid released in December 4, 2009. She is developed by AH Software. She is meant to be portrayed as an elementary school student, and her voice is taken from recordings of an actual elementary school student. She has three demos released, "±", "Vocaloid Grade School Student", and "Try again". The characters of her name, "歌愛", mean "song" and "love" respectively.

Developer AH Software
Release date December 4, 2009
Gender Female
Age 9
Height "As tall as 10 big apples"
Weight "As heavy as 86 apples"
Optimum tempo 50-150
Optimum range F2-C4
Character Item Apple

Big Al

Big-Al's announcement was made on January 21, 2007. His voice was modeled after a Swedish rock vocalist. His timbre is comparably lower, rougher, and more “manly” than Leon’s. A plugin version was released on the PowerFX site on December 22, 2009, with a DVD version that was available after Christmas.
Big Al is voiced by Frank Sanderson, a professional voice over artist, studio engineer/owner and former PowerFX employee. However, Big Al's first voice bank was recorded by Michael King, a singer/artist and award winning Elvis impersonator. As the Vocaloid was in the editing process PowerFX tried to fix the pronunciation, and even though demos were posted on the net, they felt it was not good enough to be released. So in an attempt to re-record King, they found that he was too busying touring, thus Sanderson became the new voice for the Vocaloid.

Other names ビッグ・アル
(biggu . aru) a Japanese pronunciation of his name, done in Katakana.
Developer PowerFX
Release date December 22, 2009
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 6'4"/ 193cm
Weight 190lbs/ 86kg
Character Item Pocket watch, race car

Also, i heard that Hatsune Miku is being remake into version 2, TANOSHI!!!! =D cannot wait for it. I have 2 songs from the version 2 now, a preview song and a black rock shooter remake. =D


Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
K-ON!! (season 2) ep1 is out. =D enjoy, ep2 maybe in few days. STAY TUNE!!!

Also, Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai-Hen, ep1 is out. i think episode 2 is around the corner.

For updates, check HERE. enjoy~~~

Oh yeah, for those who haven't add me on my facebook. Do it now :

Just finished uploaded BLACK ROCK SHOOTER Trailer into my video lists, few minutes ago. Enjoy it too~

Sore ja!!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
the PIKOM pc fair end at 9pm, which is few minutes ago (from this post).

Quite disappointed because didn't find any graphic card there. But some of the sellers there, told me to go to their shop the day after tomorrow, if i wanna buy graphic card. I WILL!!! =D

Last year bought a Power Supply, this year, bought a new keyboard (hopefully this one stays for a long time, need to control my anger T__T)

oh yeah, for all Kamen Rider Den-O fans. =D let sing~ :

175R - Yume de aeta nara...

Yume de aetara hora
Donna kotoba de kimi wo dakiyoseru
Dare ni mo jama sarenai
Manatsu no yoru ni...

Hitomi tojireba hora
Yume no naka de kon'ya kimi ni aeru
Tsukareshirazu no yoru sa asa ga kuru no mo wasurete
Moshimo aetara hora
Donna kotoba de kimi wo dakiyoseru
Dare ni mo jama sarenai surou na yoru ni...

Yume to kimi to genjitsu to boku de nara
Jinsei kandou kyohen no dekiagari desu
Kanawanu mon bakari de
Muzukashiku kangaeta toko de
Ikite 'ru uchi no sanbun no ichi kurai
Tanoshimanakya son na n' desu

Hitomi tojireba hora
Yume no naka de kon'ya kimi ni aeru
Tsukareshirazu no yoru sa asa ga kuru no mo wasurete
Moshimo aetara hora
Donna kotoba de kimi wo dakiyoseru
Dare ni mo jama sarenai surou na yoru ni...

Sore demo yappa tsurakute
Omoi wo todoketaku natte
Ikite 'ru uchi no sanbun no ni datte
Kimi ni aitaku naru n' desu

Ichido kiri demo ii sa
Kon'ya dake wa kimi no yume wo misasete
Okubyou datta boku ni kitto sayonara dekiru n' da
Moshimo aetara donna
Rasuto songu de asa made odorou ka
Dare ni mo jama sarenai manatsu no yoru ni...

Yume kara samete shimau hodo
You&Me de It's Show time kimi to futari Dancing All night

Yume kara samete shimau hodo ni... 
Oh oh oh
Hey You and Me

It started

Posted by くろなつ
My expectation was off. i didn't find any graphic card there. Maybe they didn't put it to display.

I got 2 free cd, one jin online and the other was HighStreet5. both are nice games. played jin online before. not into my liking, but highstreet5 is interesting. =D played it before too. (for 1 day only) my pc cannot support it. no graphic card.

the PCs and Laptops there were nice. Higher specs than last years. they have i3 and i5 laptop and i7 pcs. quite latest stuffs. Of course, there were a lot of people. the subwoffers there really make me drooling.... TOO GOOD~ but not too many choices.. hahaha

i'm going there tomorrow, for the second time. =D Going to survey some Pro cameras, possibly Nikon or Canon, for haru. he want to buy one. a PRO CAMERA.~~

Jom Heboh in Kelantan~~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
I've been there when it was held in Kelantan. Went there on Friday.

Believe it or not, i cycled there from my pondok with my friend. it was tiring. more than 20kms i cycled, (back and forth).

Haru was there also. I managed to "PAW" him RM10....=D

Here's the prove:

My hair style SUCKS!!! being force to cut it at pondok few days before this pic taken. Luckily i don't have to bald it. T__T

PIKOM pc fair

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
okay, follow me to PIKOM pc fair on this up-coming Thursday. =D

1st thing 1st, get your money ready. =D hahahaha~~ currently, i'm very short on money but nvm. not a big deal. Just finished watching Kamen Rider Den-O.... (nothing to watch actually)

The anime, OPSS not anime, story was nice but the ending quite sucks. >.<
Overall, the story is not bad at all. The design of the kamen rider is quite well done. =D

Had a chat with sakyou last night, she had some problems and she told me about it. Hopefully she feel better now....

Still haven't target the spring's animes except for BLACK ROCK SHOOTER,  maybe i'll go for Ookiku Furikabutte season 2 (recently watched the 1st season afterall), "working!", K-ON season 2 and Kiss X sis (beware, this one is EXTREMELY ecchi!!!).



Saturday, April 3, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
Finished my pondok session in Kelantan. Right now, i'm slacking around at home. I will find a job next week or so, to kill sometimes. OH yeah~ its been awhile since my last update on this.

It's SPRING, guess what, the POSTER is out, (though it is quite late for me already but nvm). :

The credit belong to Akira-chan, she informed me about this new animes coming out. I'm cannot wait for BLACK ROCK SHOOTER =D, it is a MUST DOWNLOAD! hehehehe

oh yeah, some of my crappy drawing during my session in Pondok :

Sorry for the lousy scanning, it didn't go well as i predicted... T__T its ugly..... >.<

~~~Sore ja, Matta Ashita~~~
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