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Sunday, March 14, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
Cut the talk. Check this site out. Many infos :

they have many pics and news regarding us, OTAKUS!~


Saturday, March 13, 2010
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Went to the beach...lepak2 with zero and haru. Guess what, haru took same pics. hahaha too bad zero refused to take pic with us. What a shy dude. =D

Haru (left), me (right)

I have my reasons wearing baju melayu on saturday....not wearing it for show. Still many eyes were looking at me, making me felt so nervous. =D oh yeah, the kites look nice. Colourful!~ ahh it's been awhile since i last play a kite. Few years maybe...=D Zero the one took this pic. (OF COZ LA becoz he's not in pic....LOL!)

We just took our time sitting on a bench and have a chit chat about stupid things. At least we have a great time. Tomorrow, haru is planning to go to Pantai Teluk Ketapang... but i'm going Jengka tomorrow. ahhh, HARU!! MAKE IT ON THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!!

Oh yeah. Recently, zero showed me something nice.
Behold, his collection (sorry for the lousy pic):

Gundam Infinite Justice's wing
Infinite Justice with beam spear~
Same gundam but different camera angle, plus you can see the beam shield. =D
too bad, no gundam's stand for this one. Zero forgot to buy it.
Boxes of Gundam Wing and Infinite Justice Gundam
Boxes of Infinite Justice, Gundam Wing and normal Justice
Boxes of Gundam 00 raiser and Gundam Kiriosk (from Gundam 00 series)
He forgot where he put the other gundam figures so i took only the Infinite Justice's pic.


Thursday, March 11, 2010
Posted by くろなつ

When Boy Meets Girl ♣

Vandread is a shounen and mecha anime series, adapted to a manga and has a novel version, quite similar to other series like Gundam. In a universe where the men and women are mortal enemies, Hibiki Tokai and his friends are captured by a band of female pirates. The boys find themselves stranded with a super ship they dub the Nirvana and set out for the female home planet.
Along the way, they discover "The Harvest" as well as the possible destruction of both men and women. In the sequel (the second stage), the crew of Nirvana now find themselves much closer to their home planet than ever. On the way, they find a capsule with a girl named Misty in it. She brings them an important message. With the discovery of the girl, the birth of the ultimate Vandread is about to be born.
There were two OAVs of Vandread. The first stage was summarized in Vandread Taidouhen, which was shown just before the second stage was aired, while the second in Vandread Gekitouhen (Turbulence). Both are actually just a summary of the series plus several extra scenes. In addition to that, there is a Vandread Extra Stage novel that explains the events after the series has ended.
Genre: action, adventure, comedy, romance, science fiction
Theme: mecha, space battle, Super mecha
Age rating: teenagers and above (may contain bloody violance, bad language and ECCHI!)

The Characters

hibiki...the main male character. he's the rush and a little bit stupid type. but his skills in Vanguard is better than anyone! =D

Dita, one of the main female character. She the always happy and cheerful type. has a crush on hibiki (love 1st sight) and a dread's pilot. =D her dread can combine with hibiki's vanguard to form vandread-dita, a android-vandread specialize in powerful attack power. of the female main character. she's the cold and protective type. my favourite character. hehehe she's the commander of the dread's pilot. her dread is special. same as dita's, hers can combine with hibiki's to form a vandread-meia, a bird-vandread specialize in high speed movement.
Jura, same as meia and dita. a dread pilot. she's the sub-commander. she's a self-proclaim type and cool. her dread is special too. it can combine with hibiki's to form a squid-like vandread which is specialize in defence power. she's also interested in men and hoping to make a baby with men (which is irregular in this anime) =P
Misty, she's not a dread pilot. she's just a girl that's work as stagehand. her appearance is only in vandread second stage(season 2). she is the happy and rushy type. same as dita, she likes hibiki. (refer to the sentence in the pic, she is saying that to hibiki). of course, dita and her, are love-RIVALS!!! =P
Introducing, the most handsome guy in the anime: Duero McFile. he's a doctor of the ship NIRVANA (the ship that's all the characters board) he's the cool and don't talk so much type. =D he has a crush on parfait, the ship's mechanic. =P
this is bart, the ship's pilot. a real BAKA person who doesn't aware of his stupidity. >.< of coz, he does many stupid things. but, in second stage, you can see him got really work up and serious about saving shirley's life. there, he is able to draw forth NIRVANA's true power, the homing beam. =D he's quite cool when he get serious. =P NOTE: he is bald in vandread second stage to some circumstances. 
Gascogne....she's a stagehand of NIRVANA. =D she's not a dread pilot. she's more into a transporter. she's hibiki's boss. something befall on her in second stage...something bad...but in the was OK!. =D

P/S: for more info, feel free to search the wikipedia or anime tv network. =D this anime is the one that turned me into a animefan. =D hehehehe good or not, it depend on the person watching it, but for me, it is nice and funny.!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
i know this is not my stuffs, but its quite nice, =D (though i have to force myself to watch it till the end...)

Kamen Rider Kiva!

Episodes : 48

the story is nice, quite a slow plot but its ok. Did i mentioned the hero is a HANDSOME guy? OH YEAH! the hero is handsome!, he is one of the member in TETRA-FANG. and he's so cute. =D i don't want to spoil anything, so do the research yourself. =D

To all my friends

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
i know this may sound absurd. But somehow i think i must say this, not to cheer myself up but to remember what we did together and what we have experienced....  :


To all my friends... even if i cannot remember your face, or what we did together...still :



Komaru na.....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Posted by くろなつ
hmm... i don't know what U i should apply... or what course... stupid me....

for the time being...i applied both computer and english related courses....i don't know whether i am good enough for it but i just fill up the forms based on my qualifications.. the rest.... is up to the ministry of high education guys...

i hoped that i made a right choice....
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