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Natsu in Kuala Lumpur

Friday, December 25, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ohohoho, after 9 hours in bus, i in KL, kajang to be precise. IT WAS A NICE BOOOOOOOOOOORINGGGGGGGGGGG TRIP!!!

(that's yesterday's  stuff)

Today. i helped with my nee-chan's moving. SURELY it was tiring. But it is a normal thing. ^_^
Tomorrow I wanna enjoy myself out. A date with Sa-chan. =D

I hope it will be a smooth one. PROBLEMS GO AWAY!!!

Sore ja, Mata Ashita! Oyasumi...

Exam ENDED, Anime TIME!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
I finished Tales of the Abyss  and Yakitate Japan.

Both are nice. Making me busy and forgot  about my blog. =D

So lazy to write review about it and write anymore (than this).

I guess that's it. TOO TIRED!!! 3 hours of driving drained most of my energy.

Sore ja~ Oyasumi....

Tales of Destiny 2

Monday, December 7, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Finished a new game. Tales of Destiny 2

The wiki said, this game is under PS2 platform, actually it is under PS1 not PS2. A bit mistake. Even though it is on PS1 but it is still a great game for me. The gameplay is nice and the storyline is superb. Also the MVs are GOOD!! Simply nice.

TayuTama (Game)

Saturday, December 5, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Today, i finished playing Tayutama:



Yup, the game is in Japanese language. And i don't understand most of the words that showing. But i can understand when they speak the words out. It have voices that say each and every words. So it is a good lessons to improve my Japanese. hehe

It is funny. It is a Galge game. In other word, it is a Hentai Game. But these type of game is not my fav. I played it only to know about the ending. Since i didn't satisfied with the anime ending. T__T

The ending is nice, similiar to the anime, but with some additional scene that will make things clear.


Thursday, December 3, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh dead boring.

i went to the beach with Haru.

It's been awhile since my last talk with him regarding our anime group. He declared a FREEZE.
And so, our group is in freeze mode(inactive). We are all too busy. We have our own life and we are moving forward.

By the authority given to me, Natsu and Haru, We hereby declare that, Our Anime Group is INACTIVE.

Read and Laugh

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Posted by くろなつ


This is just funny!

EAT is necessary!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Okay, I have no exam today, but I woke up early because my friend texted(SMS) me that we got class, Economy Class (Makroekonomi).

And so, i woke up and went to the class. The usual restaurant that i always went was closed. Meaning, NO BREAKFAST FOR ME. (haiz, nvm)

After class, i went straight home. Stole a pack of "Maggi" from my mom's shop. OH YEAH, COOKING TIME!~~~

It's been so long since my last cook. But i did my best.

1 Maggi is not enough for me, so i cook 2 Maggi. =D
*skip the cooking part*

It's DONE. ITADAKIMASU!!! (eat in front of my PC while watching "Tales of the Abyss")

Just after 2 hours of my Breakfast+lunch. I still hungry. TIME FOR SOME SNACK!!!

Care for some grapes? :

Fresh looking isn't it? =D this is just side snack.

my real snack are :

Food on pic:

2 ice-cream (vanilla flavor)
Some grapes
Chocolate Milk

well this is just minimun requirement. If i have a tin of cookies, then it will be perfect.

Have some noodles at night. (forgot to take picture, T__T)

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