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Friday, October 23, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

i wanted to update my blog! BUT ShiroAki stole my sonyericson's wire. my handphone is full of events pics. and i wanted to put it in this blog. DAMN HIM!

ARGH! stupid me! i didn't ask for it in the first place.

tomorrow i will FORCE him to return it back to me! THAT'S FOR SURE!

few stuffs incoming:

hari raya's celebration at school,
my STPM timetable,
and some other nice news relating to anime!

be sure to wait for it. ^__^

p/s: OH YEAH! i almost forgot.

i found this REALLY NICE PROGRAM! i don't know whether YOU (readers) already have this or not, BUT I LIKE THIS PROGRAM.

Manga Viewer:

its a nice program to read manga. and a good thing about it is : if you download a manga in .rar format, you don't have to extract it, just locate the manga (in .rar) using the manga viewer and you can view the manga just like that. ^__^ simple isn't it?

here the link:
(i uploaded it, since i cannot find it anywhere in the net)

----mediafire link----

----2shared link----

HAVE FUN! (i don't know what is the official website for this program, GOMEN!)


Sunday, October 18, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh i'm getting older by a year....... T__T say good bye to my youth......


a suitable song for me, KURONATSU.


Saturday, October 10, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
have you even wonder about...hmm...let see, about anything.

wonder about things around you, such as cars, sky, roads, trees and others.
though these things look simple from one's point of view, but they are actually NOT!.

there much more things behind them. road = stone, tar, other material.


i just wanna say that, even if you did something simple, it doesn't really simple actually. there much more things happening behind the simple things. ^__^

try look around and see for yourself.


Thursday, October 8, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
today i ponteng school, FEVER! T__T

but i was ok in the evening. my bro came to me and invited to go to Tasik Kenyir.

he was in charge of being "Imam" for the night prayers. since i haven't been there for quite some time, i agreed.

this is one hell-a-world experience. my FIRST!

we departed around 6 pm and arrived at the camping spot around 7. OH YEAH, i didn't mentioned that my bro is a USTAZ at his school. and his school currently having its annual camping. XD

basically, we just went there to see how the boys and girls were doing. i also met my former headmaster back during i was in my elementary school. Cikgu Saidi, my former headmaster and my mathematics teacher. he was a great guy. how i missed him so much!

back to the story, during the maghrib prayer. we prayed under the canopy. before we start praying, i noticed the black cloud and the wind were starting to blow. i said to myself "Arashi ga kuru" (the storm is coming). then we prayed. at first, it was O.K. but then suddenly the wind became stronger and everything was blown away. even i was about to be blown away. just imagine! BUT STILL! we didn't stop from praying. WE FINISHED IT!! even under the wind, even the canopy was blown away, even we were wet, WE STILL DIDN'T STOP!

i was trembling in cold during the Storm. not just me, the other boys also. they stayed until the end. the girls ran.... well shikatanai~ it was quite a fearsome storm. then the storm relieved.

i was glad that its over. (though my clothes were wet and i was trembling in cold), during the isyak, everything was smooth. not really a big deal. 30 minutes after isyak, my bro and i went home. ITS BEEN QUITE AN EXPERIENCE FOR ME! A WONDERFUL. I'M SURE THERE WILL BE SOME HIKMAH(good things) FOR THE HARDNESS WE FACED. ^__^

Kem Elit Peringkat Negeri

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
i were away for 4 days, went to a study camp. and elite camp. especially for HIGH POINTER STUDENTS a.k.a HIGH RANKS STUDS.

i were the stupidest stud there. i messed up big time. i humiliated myself during Pengajian Am and Bahasa Melayu classes. totally frustrated. i knew all along i don't belong there. actually my school forced me to go there.

but now, i'm glad they did. i found my weakness. my biggest weakness is my favourite.

that's right, animes, games, songs, all of it. why? because these things messing up my mind. making me lost focus on my study. when i were there, my mind was all about study study study. and i were keeping up with other studs just fine. in fact, i gained many knowledge than i was at school.

maybe i were not stupid all along. but 1 thing is for sure. i'm beginning to like studying and remembered the purpose of making this blog. ^__^

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