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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

okay, first i wanna say that this anime ROCKS!!!!!! TOTALLY! XD

if you are familiar with mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha, then this is the anime for you. the storyline almost the same as nanoha, but of coz the characters are different. tengen toppa was more into mecha fighting and adventure. and i like adventure animes. XD this anime is made up of 26 eps, so its took me one whole day to finish this up T__T. but i enjoy this anime. and trust me! the OP song is so NICE!~~ i also like the OST "liberate me from hell", ITS SO NICE!

oh yeah, one more info, the movie of the simplify version of ep 1-13 was released last april, the title is "tengen toppa gurren lagann: gurren-hen", now i'm patiently waiting for the "lagann-hen" to be released. hope it will soon. XD

Nakagawa Shouko - Sora iro Days (OP)
since i like it too much, here something nice~~ the lyric:
kimi wa kikoeru?
boku no kono koe ga
yami ni munashiku

moshimo sekai ga
imi wo motsu no nara
konna kimochi wo
muda de wa nai?

akogare ni oshitsubusarete
akirametetan da
hateshinai sora no iro mo
shiranai de

hashiridashita omoi ga ima demo
kono mune wo tashikani tatauteru kara
kyou no boku ga sono saki ni tsuzuku
bokura nari no asu wo kizuiteiku

kotae wa sou itsumo koko ni aru
sugita kisetsu wo
nagaku hima wa nai
nido to mayotte
shimawane youni

kazoe kirenai
hon no sasaya kana
sonna koukai
kakaeta mama

sono senaka dake oikakete
koko made kitan da
sagashite ita
boku dake ni dekiru koto

ano hi kureta kotoba ga ima demo
kono mune ni tashikani todoiteru kara
kinou yori mo kyou boku wa boku no
umaretekita wake ni kizuete yuku

kotae wa sou itsumo koko ni aru

subete ga maru de atari mae mitaidatta
tattoi hibi wa mada owaranai

soshite mata
hashiridashita omoi ga ima demo
kono mune wo tashikani tatauteru kara
kyou no boku ga sono saki ni tsuzuku
bokura nari no asu wo kizuiteiku

kotae wa sou itsumo koko ni aru
the story goes with a boy named Shimon, who live in an underground village(forgot its name). why the humans lives in underground? it is because the spiral king, Lord Genome, "locked" them into the underground. (this is the main mystery ^__^) . Shimon job was to dig and expand the village. Shimon also being nicknamed by the villagers with the name "Shimon the Digger". BUT, out of all the villager, there was Kamina, an adult guy who very interested in Shimon's ability and personality. Unlike Shimon, Kamina is just a "jerk" in his village. (maybe a nuisance).
one day, a ganmen(a big mecha without head and a face as its body) fall into shimon's village, then come Yoko, a gunslinger girl. (QUITE SEXY! =.=). shimon on the other hand, found a mini drill with a human size face (ganmen). shimon manage to power it up and beat the crap out of the huge ganmen which fall into his village. Shimon, alongside with Yoko and Kamina, break through the surface with the mini-size ganmen, Lagann. from there, their adventure begins.....

(sorry but i don't like spoiling the anime!..........^__^, the rest, watch it yourself)

my rate for this anime = 5/5

(anyone wanna buy it from me? i take orders, in malaysia -semenanjung- only though XD)


Saturday, June 20, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
i went to KL and Melaka for my club's trip. it was nice and tiring too. well i have fun, LOTS OF IT!

even now i'm still tired.

i departed on Wednesday's ngiht, around 9.30 pm. i arrived in KL around 5.30 am. quite a long journey, and surely i was ASLEEP!

after taking a nice shower, we(my friends and me) have breakfast, then headed to SURIA KLCC's Petrosains. we went there too early, the shops were still closed. thanks to that, i have some free time to look around. its my first time in SURIA KLCC, and YEAH! it was BIGGGGG! few times bigger than the mydin megamall in Terengganu. XD the shops are nice but it was such a waste that they were still closed...... T__T

around 10.30 am, we entered the petrosains. it was great, hehe. i just looked around, SHIKATANAI WA!!! my migraine was rising that time. after petrosains. i got some errands to do. thanks to that I MISSED MY CHANCE TO GO TO KINOKUNIYA!!!!!!! ARGH!!!

BUT! on the other hand, i meet 2 japanese women. i knew they are japanese because they are speaking Japanese language and i can understand them! NICE~~~ we are in the same lift and i was with my friend. i wanted to greet them but i didn't have the courage to do so. In the end, the lift went up in silent......i couldn't say a single word!! though i already thought what to say to them. ARGH WASTED!!!

after that, the REAL FREE TIME! yeap~~ its heaven time for girls but hell time for me. WE ALL WENT SHOPPING near SOGO (and the area near it). the girls was esuantic~~ they went into a few malls. my friend and me on the other hand, just wear kampung style clothes and wear cheap slippers, and went window shopping in SOGO and another mall. For 2 and a half hour, we only round in circle.....SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haizzz HONTONI ZANNEN DESHITA!!!!

then, we went to a police hostel (PERKEP) to stay for the night. everyone were tired. and i was the first one to asleep~~ MASANI SLEEP KING! hahaha, the hostel now have its own KIOSK, i just ate my dinner there. THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS and i ate ALOT!!!!! the owner also lend me CONGKAK and CHESS just to kill time. While playing, we chit-chat and have fun~~. it such a nice night!. around 10 pm, i went to bed. OYASUMI~~~!!!

the next day, we woke up and get ready to depart to Melaka. YEAP, the second destination!. my teacher said there were some new monuments in Melaka. hmm at first, i thought it was boring. but watcha ya know? IT QUITE FUN!, first we went to "Eye of Malaysia". well it was nice, but there were not too many people at it. after that, we rode the "Taming Sari" and went to see a reptile exhibition!. i bought some dodol along the way.

then, we went to a Bazaar not far from the Taming Sari. TRUST ME, PAY A VISIT AT THIS PLACE, the clothes are so damn cheap!! in fact, you can ask for more discount (PAY ATTENTION TO THIS GIRLS!~!!!). my teacher got some stuff just for free. while i spent RM 42, for 3 clothes and 1 hat. not a bad deal~~

since the girls and the teachers were buzy with their discounting. my friend and i went went sight-seeing. we visited the big ship which was built for tourism. it was nice and BIG!, REAL SCALE SHIP!, after a quick rest, the both of us went into "Dataran Pahlawan", this one was a big shopping mall too. but the prices were a lot cheaper at the Bazaar. ^__^ WINDOW SHOPPING~~

after that, we rest a bit on top of a hill, just to chill out and sight-seeing. the wind was nice~~ and the scenery is the best!. TOO BAD I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICS! T__T i wonder why, maybe not in the mood ~~~~XD.....after that, we had out lunch, and went to mosque.

around 7.30 pm we departed back to terengganu. arrive at 4.30 am at my school. ~~YAWN~~

i really wish i could meet sakyou during my free time, but she got class to attend. SHIKATANAI DESU NE~~~ maybe next time~. XD okay, that's the end of my trip's journal. i got some anime reviews need to work on. i will post it here soon. XD

ahh buzy

Friday, June 12, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh it's almost end! MY HOLIDAYS

been buzy the whole week, never been really at home.

go there, go here~~~~ ahh tired.....
well i bought a new 1gb DDR2 ram.....NICE now my pc runs on 2gb RAM


next week is my trip to kuala lumpur. hmm
buzy with stuffs, ahh too many, wanna type it also lazy, plus tired~

oh yeah, i got a new number. an U-PAX (celcom) number. NICE~~~ PM me in MSN or YM to get my new number~~~

sore ja~ mata ne!


Thursday, June 4, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
hmm i got a slight fever.....(even now)
and feeling extremely tired!!!

(gosh, i should go to bed)

today was the third time i repeat my JPJ car test. and miracle happened.
even though i got fever, i passed the test with my fever....LOL!!

a good thing. next week i will make my license. NEW ONE!~~
well the trip to sekayu was a success. TOO bad duri didn't join us, his mom forbid him to come. POOR HIM!

oh yeah, i started playing ROSEonline private server. its nice but somehow quite boring. I WILL TRY TO ENJOY IT!

ahhh dead tired. off to bed! oyasumi~~

To aru majutsu no Index!

Monday, June 1, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
YAY its holiday,

i got 10 dvds from Haru, MORE ANIMES!!!!

just finish 2 of it.

To aru majutsu no index! YAY!!! its nice, cute characters, for both guys and girls!
and i like its ED 2nd. ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IKU - Chikaigoto ~sukoshi dake mou ichidou~
ITS NICE!!! a smooth song btw.

the animes......hmm its quite boring overall but i enjoy the mysteries in it.
the storyline a little bit off, like unrelated to each crysis. but its nice.
1 more advantage about this anime. it got the "to aru majutsu no index-tan"

YEP! just like "shakugan no shana-tan"
the small and chibi character. XD kawaiiii~~~~~

my rate for this anime 3/5 ^_^

p/s: i know i'm quite a skipper to my own blog, but too busy. now that my exam are over and currently on holiday, i wanna ENJOY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

Natsu(me), Haru, Aki, Zero and Duri(Farid)........maybe will go for a swim and picnic at Sekayu Waterfall, its still in planning, but Haru or Zero willing to drive there. ^__^ a nice plan~~~

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