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Saturday, May 23, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
hmm, was pretty buzy with examinations. the exam was hard, but its was fun answering it XD

got another week of exam and until then, i wanna play till its holiday. YEP! school holiday, the long await. 2 weeks off. hmm WATERFALL!!!!! HERE I COME!!!! SEKAYU WATERFALL!!!!~~~

i heard the FMA: brotherhood OP. DARN! ITS SURE IS NICE.

*AGAIN - YUI (the one singing for the bleach OP, rolling star, THAT YUI!!!)

ROCKS 99~~~~

lost 100gb of my animes. VIRUS INFECTION! DARN IT!!!! be cool, be cool! FAILED MY CAR TEST AGAIN!!!!! T__T ARGH I CANNOT STAY CALM!.

recently, my dota clan (REVO) beat up NOS clan in a friendly clan war in garena. YEAH! KICK ASS! wins 2 round, lose 1 round. NICE~~~

hmmm, i see some peoples asking for help in my chatbox. i just wanna say, if you want any help, just say the problem instead of "hey can you help me?", if i can help, i will help. besides that, put on your e-mail address when using the chatbox, i can mail you later about the "help" part.

that's all~~~

p/s: sakyou i will not do this tag this time, lazy and no time for it......KANBENSHITE KUDASAI!


Monday, May 11, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

and my internet went POOF!

THUNDER of coz.....its been quite rainy and thundery these days.. i don't know if it a good thing or not.

yesterday my modem wasn't unable to detect the streamyx line in my area, probably some port problem. lucky enough today it was fixed.

hmm most of my download will finish soon....a good thing
and there was a new cc in my village. VERY SIMILIAR TO DINO cc in KT.

well i don't have much to say.... better head to bed. got school tomorrw. *YAWN*


Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
MINNA-SAN!!!! meet my former classmate and and best dota friend. GOOD LOOKING? hmmm just so so i think. XD he may looked like a worthless person, but trust me, his skills in dota are not something that you should underestimate!!!! >.< well i really respect him in dota and his knowledge on pc. around my level but he's more advance. :P

hey hey, check it out! its AKI..........which one? the fat boy OF COZ!!!!!!!!! he's a prefect. the FAT BOY ON THE RIGHT = AKI, my junior. the other one is also my junoir. same class as Aki. this pic was taken during my trip to kelantan, HUSM. i mentioned before. ^__^ my pic? hahaha got, but in the camera, not my camera. friend's.........

today, i decided to help my mom with some coconut. and this is my result. i peel of some coconuts. around 16 of them. quite tiring but it was nice. don't believe me? check the below pics. :P

YAY!!!!!!!! I DID A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!! give me an applause~~~ ^__^
くろなつ = 黒夏 (i figured out the kanji words for "kuronatsu" NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
YUP, as promised, here's my review on the anime.

first, its pretty childish anime, but it is great in a way. the storyline is absolutely nice. and nicer if compared to the digimon adventure (1st season). the new digi-vice sure rocks. its enable the user to make their digimon jogress evolution which their selected partner. ^__^ a new option to digimon.

well its quite confused if you involved the crest evolution. basically, crest-evolution is for the old digi-vice, and the new digi-vice a.k.a D3 enable its user to use both crest and jogress evolution. a new model of digi-vice. ^__^

btw i like the insert songs. especially the "bokurano degitaru waarudo" last ep insert song. and the "sun goes down" which is also in the last ep. ^__^

too bad there was no fansub for this anime. wether you watch the dubs version or you watch the raw version. that's the only free version i can get. and of coz, all these can be found by googling its torrent. not really hard ^__^

i like this anime for its storyline and the character designs are so nice! especially the scence involving the evolution of digimon. though shakkomon is not quite strong looking but shilphymon IS SO DAMN HOST! and the Imperialdramon, fighter mode, was HECK COOL!!!! but still, i prefer omegamon better coz he is one of the royal knights. XD

and if you study the royal knights digimon correctly. most of them are used by the digi-destined. like omegamon from the 1st season. magnamon, armor evolution of v-mon, dukemon from digimon tamers, and others. ITS GREAT TO STUDY ALL OF THEM!!!!

sick and migraine...

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
which is nice? hmmm i wonder that myself.

well i know that someone was condemning my blog but i don't give a thing to what she/he said. i like it because it is my hard work.

Been sick for few days, and now have recovered. well skipping school is a nice thing to do. but somehow it feels different. i know that most people would angry with me. just let me be. i don't give a damn to people so people don't give a damn to me. FAIR ISN'T IT?

finished digimon adventure 02, FINALLY
also have the last episode in RAW. no subs but i can understand most of it. ^__^ nice ending and storyline. the review, TOMORROW!

my head started to spin. i need to have some sleep. my migraine getting worse by day...... OYASUMI!
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