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POLICE IN CC!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
at school......hmm nothing much happened. the usual stuffs. sleep, writing, exercise, chatting and others.

well i did hanged out at the CC for quite awhile. of coz playing for free ^__^ NICE!!!!
during my play, some policemen came inside the CC for inspection. its so crap!!!
from what i can see, they are just keep on talking to the jiejie (older sis) who in charge there. well its normal but i just don't like the tone..... >.< MUKATSUKU!!!!!!!!!1

hmmm.....don't have anything left to say.... OH WAIT!

a credit to sakyou.!!!!
she told me about an anime expo or something like it will be held at help university college on 16th may. NICE!!!! too bad i cannot go.... terengganu is FAR FAR AWAY FROM THAT PLACE!!!!


Monday, April 27, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
my classmate got an offer to go for a ASEAN program, which probably will be held at KL. i'm not interested since no japan listed in it XD.

it will be 9 days trip. hmm quite long. nothing special happened today, sleep most of the time and got myself a new maplestory private server to play with. quite nice. ^__^ SOULMS

hmmm. now watching digimon adventure 02 in english dubbing. too bad! cannot find the subs anywhere.... well i think of downloading the raw version of it. now completing my digimon adventure collection by downloading the raw version. NO CHOICE! the fansubber dropped it.
the torrent for 02 got a little bit problem. somehow i will try to overcome it.


Saturday, April 25, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh its MUET day..... i woke up TOO EARLY!!! around 5.45 am..... then went back to sleep and woke up again... been like that till 7.45 am....NERVOUS I THINK!!

i prepared myself for the big task and headed to school. after make a quick stop at the food stall in front of my school, i went to meet my classmates. they were studying HARSHLY!!! i praise their spirit for the study..... though there was not much time left until the big task.

well the 1st part was reading. the passage was quite difficult to understand but in the end it went good (for me that is). during the 30 minutes gap between each paper, i went to sleep in the neighbouring class. hahaha funny isn't it? i still have time to sleep while the others keep on discussing about the MUET.

the 2nd one was writing. hmmm.....the essays were hard. HARD ENOUGH, making me re-wrote the same question twice.....well its my bad though. i was quite nervous with the time. luckily i stopped just in time for the paper to be collect. ^__^

the last part was listening. hmm i must say, the audio was quite.......CLUELESS!!!! i made up some of the answers since i didn't have many choice. but still i'm glad that i was able to answer it. if not, surely my mom gonna give me some of her "deadly audio" to me. >.<

an admin in a day....

Friday, April 24, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
GOOD NEWS!!!! i have become the admin. nice? SURE NICE!!!!!

admin for what?
a CyberCafe of coz. ^__^ well i'm not the real admin though. but i did help the real one in many problems involving PCs. and so he gave me the admin login id to unlock the CC's computer.

i can play as long as i can, NICE!!!!
but that's is not nice.... well he's doing a business, i cannot go there and force someone to stop play for the shake of me. i cannot troubled him too much. maybe when less customers are there, i can unlocked a pc and play. but that's all.

well, he said that he gonna give me some 80gb harddisks for free. i told him that i would pay for it and if he give it freely, he will be at loss. he insisted..... can't do anything about that. >.<

well i just keep on getting more fired up to help him whenever he's in trouble. though i'm not an expert in PCs. but my understanding skills are not something that can be taken lightly. ^__^

LANSI (proud of myself)??? DAMN RIGHT I AM ^__^


Posted by くろなつ
this is my new avatar..... his name is KYO. don't know who is he actually. just think that red hair and red eyes are DAMN COOL!!!!!!!! XD

hmm the MUET getting nearest. just done studying with 2 of my friends. quite sleepy but i still wanna do a little bit DotA-ing. XD

HARU DA NE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

the spring news....NICE HUH?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
the old kancil sure is nice. not as good as the new version but i like the old one better. hmm? what the bullshit i'm talking about? CAR of course!!!! old model of kancil, my sis'. now i will drive it. XD!!

i got some good news from my friend. a CC owner. ^__^ and i helped him with the maplestory private server. not a big deal really. but it just a bit confusing. hahhaa quite nice.

ahh my MUET test on this coming saturday. wondering how should i answer it. nicely or fastly?



Monday, April 20, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
today i have a nice chat with Farid.

he told me his problems and what he wanna do next. i just wished him good luck.

he also give me a tip or two in DotA. he told me that my skills improved a lot. i almost reached his level. just i'm lacking some knowledge on item effects. :D well i know my weakness and i will overcome it.

hmm i wonder where my parent off to. haven't seen them since the dinner.... i'm all alone... once again. its normal for me though XD. nothing much. i'm a big boy already so i can stand living alone.

oh yeah, i skipped blogging due to connection problem. well its been raining quite heavily in my area. and the internet port outside my house often got stroke by lightning. a bit troublesome but the TMNET company sure do their jobs. XD


Thursday, April 16, 2009
Posted by くろなつ


i failed my car test BIG TIME. the first part, right at the end. and the 2nd part, i went through red light. >.<

SHIKATANAI!!! i was too damn hungry and tired. i still have some fatigue due to yesterday's trip. and i skipped my breakfast due to NO MONEY!!!!

its been a horrible day to me. and also my mom said that i cannot go to KL this weekend.....wwwwWWWWWWWHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was frustrated and shout!!! SHOUT!!!! VERY LOUD!!!!




Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
YAY!!! i went to kelantan, HUSM (hospital universiti sains malaysia).

its been a nice trip. the ride (bus) was quite long but i listened to my mp3 during it. i traded mp3 with aki. YEAP he joined the trip too as a replacement for Farid since Farid transfer to another school.

its was long.....VERY LONG!!! sleep? SURE SLEEP!!! we departed at 8 am and arrived at 11.30 am.
YUMMY, i got myself a nice meal for the lunch!!! guess what? ITS Nasi Paprik EXTRA SPICY!!!!! DAMN NICE.

after that we went sight-seeing on the old culture houses and historial places.

finally its the HUSM. hmm we started first with a short lecture. its quite nice. ^__^ then we visited a genome centre there. its just some cromosomes lab. a bit booring for me.
BUT SAY WHAT? now its the real stuff. YEAH DEAD BODIES!!! Anatomy section.

there was 2 kinds of preserve bodies. the wet and dry preserve. i saw some nice featus in a box. (REAL ONE!!!!) and some separated dryed bodies. (arms, legs, head,) NO BRAIN!!! T__T what a waste.... and also all the bodies are man's bodies.... TOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOORING!!!! (i am a boy afterall :P)

hmm what next? oh yeah, the full dead body. we went to a cold room where they kept one whole ead body in it. we saw about 12 dead bodies. YEAP!!! but it was all man's...again a BIG BOOORING... but it was nice to see those bodies. i didn't touch it since the smell of the liquid that they being soaked into is very smelly. pheomolene or something....

here's begin the fun!!! after that we went to the KB MALL. though its not as grand as the one in KL but it quite nice. there is no such mall in terengganu >.< maybe it is but it was still not good enough. i saw some NICE PC STUFFS!!!! graphic cards, coolers, RAM, power supply..... much more. if only i have money..... AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after that, aki, akmal,iman, adi and me went bowling. THE BALL IS SO DAMN HEAVY!!! but still the 1st place was owned by me ^__^

then i have a decent meal with aki. we have sizzlings. then we went to some CD store to check up some anime DVDs. i found A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 better than terengganu. I FOUND DIGIMON ADVENTURE, ADVENTURE 02, AND TAMERS!!!! BUT JUST ONE THING!!!! ALL IN CANTONESE LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AHHH DAMN IT!!!!!!!!! (aki-chan maybe interested in this >.<)

and so we went home. arrived at school at 12 am. i was tired but still i started my motorbike and went home. luckily the gasoline didn't run out before i got home...


Monday, April 13, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh the tension.... the new penolong kanan in my school is too hmmm OBSERVE.
ahh i don't know to write what...

oh yeah, i will go to kelantan tomorrow, HUSM to be exact. hopefully i will have a safe journey ^__^ i heard that FMA is back with the title Full Metal Alchemist: brotherhood. seems quite nice but i don't downlaod on-going anime. so have to wait till it full release then i will download.

1 more, tytania is in my utorrent's list right now. quite slow.... well streamyx is the slow thing not my pc. >.< i also read about a new mecha anime. vecent....(something something) sorry forgot the name. maybe later will remember..

eyes too sleepy...body too weak. g
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uess its sleep time......


Posted by くろなつ
i wondered where my spirit have gone to. i have no aim in my life and i just follow the flow of life. but 1 thing that i know is i must change. from a lazy boy to a hardworking person. from a stupid shit to a full-of-knowledge student.

i don't know why but my body seems rejecting entertainment except for animes. and that what i did. i watched animes. (refer my previous post). i began to understand that i should be like the anime characters that i admire. they are, some sort of, being an inspiration to me. maybe not to study but to think things in a more advance way. i like that. ^__^

i can come up with many strategy in games but i don't know how to put it to use. meaning, i'm lacking of skills. XD but i won't give up. not until my blood in my veins stop flowing. @.@

anyway, its been a nice day to me. i felt a little bit depressed about the new rules and shits at schools but i don't think i will a damn to those new rules. TOO TROUBLESOME. doncha think so? ok i guess that's it. too tired, oyasuminasai.....

Anime Section

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
okay i finished 3 animes in 2 days. sorry but this time i'm quite sleepy and dizzy so i don't want to make it long.

first i finished vampire knight guilty. the story is interesting. the mysteries are also well made up. i like the part where cross yuuki turn out to be kuran yuuki, a pureblood vampire. and zero turn out to be the greatest hunter. the most shocking of all was when i know that yuuki's dad, cross kaien, is the ultimate vampire hunter. ^__^ DAMN NICE HIM!!!!! maybe i should make my avatar after him... overall the story is nice and the storyline is interesting... 4/5

then, i finished up medabots, 1st season. since i downloaded from torrent, the episode arrangement was a little bit off. but overall i understand the story. well there's a lot of booOOOORING part in it but it is quite fun to watch. who ever thought that the incident of 10 days of darkness stop with henry (hikaru ogata) destroyed the rare medal. that's explain a lot. and surely i like Erika. cheerful and active. karin is not a bad choice either but she way to dump for not realising kouji's feeling towards her. >.< (i like mecha animes XD) 3/5

lastly i finished up SoltyRei. YUP the one that being aired in animax channel. ^__^ at first, the storyline is a little boring and everything seems dull. but after the Proceeds being shown in some episodes, the story starting to get interesting. Solty Revant actually one of the Artifical Intelligent made by the technology from the ancestors of human which migrant to the place where they stay in the anime (i don't know the name). it got 3 AI, which is Eunomia (main computer that control the town) , Dike(solty revant) and Heles (a space ship computer which appear in the final episode...... XD spoiling the fun.). these 3 are a part of 1 super computer or something like that . i must say, the OP is nice to hear, the ED hmmm maybe so-so . TRY IT OUT , it not very mecha-like anime but still can be counted as one. 3/5

*cough* *cough*

Friday, April 10, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahhh cough again. its very painful. hope it will gone soon.....

hmmm i always listened to japanese songs, and sometimes i can sing it (maybe mostly but surely with practice). but can i make my own song? i can, with vocaloid program which i don't install in my pc. i got the installer but i don't want to install it since i don't want to spend time on it for too long.

the same goes to lightwave 3D. both are fun programs and quite confusing too. but it was nice to know new things. ^__^ discover new things and learn. talk about learning..... i abandon my study for 3 months already.

i know i cannot keep on like this but i don't think i have a choice here. OH WAIT maybe i got one.. but i don't know it myself. >.< i suffered enough from failure but i don't want to rise from my failure yet. but i will even if i have to sacrifice my blood for it.

what the heck i'm talking about T__T
actually it just that i watched vampire knight guilty. and feel so sad for the main female character cross yuuki/kuran yuuki. from a normal human to a pure-blood vampire.... i don't expect that... not a single bit. its a good thing but what if i have a past like her. it surely be very painful for both my heart and my body. T__T

okay enough for my crapping words. i will write a review on Vampire Knight Guilty and Medabots (1st season) tomorrow. BE SURE TO READ IT OUT!!!


Posted by くろなつ
ahh i quite blur at school today. don't know what am i aiming in the future. hmm a futureless man, quite nice ^__^ but i won't be one. okay maybe half of it >.<

my imouto came back today from her hostel. i have a great chat with her just now. we talk about our school's problem and our self problems. it quite relaxing for sometimes.

i was pleased with the cakes that she bought. JUST HIT MY APPETITE ^__^. blueberry and chocolate cake. YUMMY 2 cakes XD.

i got schooling on this saturday. and a marching contest will going on in my school. >.< it sure is booOOORING but i will make some side activities. YEAH SOME anime-related project. OH YEAH!!!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
as i told before that sakyou internet problem is very PROBLEMATIC.

after a little bit of research, i found that the problem is not entirely about spyware or something like that. i think its the company itself that have problem.... shocking huh?

i got the info that, maxis broadband during the trial is fast. but once you paid for the package, it will become slower and slower....

i don't know whether the information is relevant or not but i do hope that its a lie...

>.< poor my dear sakyou....


Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
hey, check it out!!!

they are back with a brand new layout. it seems quite plain to me though. but i very glad the X (the admin) manage to get the main domain back online. so say good-bye to domain.

hey, i pity sakyou. i asked her to run a speedtest on and she get a very bad result.

ping = 1001ms
download speed = 0.06mb/s
upload speed = 0.04mb/s


i suspected that her pc got affected by spyware. her connection is quite nice and 5 times better than mine. but thinking of her download speed too slow, its just too impossible.

so that where faisal, sakyou friend came in. he is an computer geek and well aware about spyware. so i asked him to FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM IN SAKYOU's pc. and you know what, we end up chatting. even as i type this, i still chatting with him.

but if the worse happen, then sakyou need to format her pc. its the last resort......

anyways i have a good time today, found myself a new friend and figured sakyou's problem in internet connection. hope it can be fixed ^__^


Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahhh so pain... the sickness and the feeling of no money. i have no money. been like this for 2 weeks already. *sigh*

paid my balance car driving license's money.... which is $415.... huh again money....
maybe i should go for part-time job..... *sigh* have to focus on MUET..... *sigh*

ahh this is getting ridiculous!!!!!

oh yeah. about the stepmania from before.

it can be download at:

the songs (mine is anime songs) can be download at:

it got many more website but i don't remember them all. DISCOVER IT YOURSELF!!!!!
i could use a new harddisk >.< almost running out of space!!!!!

StepMania (SM)

Sunday, April 5, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

okay, make it simple. this is my stepmania. actually the real skin is not like this. this one i just inserted the popcandy theme, thats why it look so pinky. >.<>.<

anyway as you can see it is quite fun and very useful for practice. ^__^ too bad i cannot record during i play the song. but i will try find a way to record it out. not just for stepmania. but also SDO-X and o2mania. ^__^

oh yeah, the song that i play is "miku miku ni shiteageru" sang by "hatsune miku". the difficulty is HEAVY (HARD) and the speed is x4. i scored AA. but still haven't break my old record. see the score. it differ by 2m i think..... >.<


Posted by くろなつ
today is one damn nice day for me. ^__^

i completed my car training session and done with the QTI too ^__^.

most likely i will take the car driving JPJ test on 15th april. depend wether i can pay the balance on time or not. >.<

anyway i'm dead tired and i don't want to make this post long. so *skip that* *skip this*

i now focusing my download on digimon adventure and adventure 02. the same goes to medabots season 3. my harddisk space running low. SOMEONE COME STOLE MY FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
VERY EARLY TODAY!!!!! at 6.15am my car driving teacher called me.....i WAS STILL ASLEEP!!!! i totally weak at that time. but i rushed as fast as i could. well its a good thing that i did or i will miss 5 hours of car training.

YUP THAT'S RIGHT!!!! 5 FREAKING HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIRED???? HELL YEAH!!! DEAD TIRED. in the evening i got literature class with my dad and another good thing happened. I FINISHED "Hamlet" summary for overall summary and chapter-by-chapter summary. OH YESSSS BABY!!!!

my album list right now on macross frontier:

[Nipponsei] Macross Frontier OP2 ED2 Single - Lion [May'n & Nakajima Megumi]
[Nipponsei] Macross Frontier OP Single - Triangular [Sakamoto Maaya]
Macross Frontier OST 2- Nyan Tora
Macross Frontier OST - Nyan Furo
Macross Frontier OST [Nipponsei] including:
-[Nipponsei] Macross Frontier ED Single - Diamond Crevasse [Sheryl Nome starring May'n]
-[Nipponsei] Macross Frontier OP Single - Triangular [Sakamoto Maaya]
-[Nipponsei] Macross Frontier Ranka Lee Debut Single - Seikan Hikou [Nakajima Megumi]
-[Nipponsei] Macross Frontier Vocal Collection - Nyan Tama

okay that's all, i think its all complete set already. the songs quite nice expecially the "nyan nyan special service medley" which is 12 minutes long~~~~ it combine all the songs in the series. IT DAMN NICE!!!!!!!! go download it!!!! i used torrent to download so i don't know where to find the direct download one. as for the torrent just search the keywords (for example: macross frontier op single torrent) in google or yahoo. surely something will show up~~ ^__^.

i just got back from BBQ party at my friend's friend house. ^__^ tired somemore and i sure can use a bed right now. Okay that's it for today......hmmm tomorrow i wanna enjoy!!!! DotA-ing and O2mania-ing.....maybe some SDO-ing too ^__^

LOL i just like rythym games ^__^. currently playing O2mania(offline), SDO-x season 2 (online), and Stepmania (offline and its mostly fan made songs).


Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
hmmm i was on shocked today, i bring a bag of books to school and in the end there was no learning BECAUSE WE (form 6 students) went for a trip to a islamic official government office.

at first we went to JHEAT( Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Terengganu). my friends asked tons of questions to the lecturer and the lecturer was quite a fun person and nice to talk with. i took the chance to have a chit-chat with him....^__^

after that, we went to MAIDAM(Majlis Agama Islam Dan Adat Melayu Terengganu), teh lecturer was a little bit boring but i haven't fell into sleep. i tried to gather as many info as i can because i wanna find their weakness!!!! HELL YEAH BABY!!!!!

after that, we went to the Mydin mall just to kill some times. and something happened.....i met up with 2 guys from my National Service(PLKN) who is in my team and in my hostel. they were working. he said to me, "why you wearing school's uniform? OMG!!! YOU ENTERED THE FORM 6???" i said "HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!"....

LAME LAME LAME that what he was saying but i don't even care for that shit. well i did have a great time meeting with the 2 boys. maybe i still can meet with the 2 boys from now on~~~~

the weird thing is, they both from Pahang and why the hell they show up in terengganu???? well i have no answer for that but i know that they somehow came to terengganu and got themselves a job. GRATZ to them.~~~

and so i went home.....if not i cannot type out this post >.< am i right? XDDDDDDDD
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