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Fishy Friday

Friday, January 30, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
today i was late for Rusila, and i was really looking forward for it. maybe i was waiting for the food. during the ride, as normal, i slept while opening anime songs using my headphones attached to my HP.

Upon arrival i felt empty, including my stomach, my head and my heart. LOL!!! so without following my mom as usual i did. i just wandering around and around. i was going around the shop, seeing stuffs, foods and many more. then i felt hungry. (BY THAT TIME I REALIZE) then i head to a delicious "nasi minyak" shop and placed an order. the waiting was quite long but it was worthed.

ater got back i felt dizzy, maybe my migraine stroke again. i went for a quick nap to reduce the pain. at night i did nothing, some chat while feeling boring and also looked up about the "vocaloid2 editor", i understood more than before. but still i'm lacking some programs. well its been a quite boring day for me and i hope tomorrow it will get more boring, it gonna be saturday afterall.

The Exam

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
today, normal rutine i guess.

But i was feeling quite despressed knowing that next week i got exam. TOV, i'm expecting for it to be hard as the teachers said it would be. but still i care not studying for it though. i just slacking there and slacking here. And surely I'm a slacker. eventhough exam are getting nearer, i can't stop thinking of playing online game. its not like i so addicted to it but somehow my mood was very much into it today.

and so i did some gaming right after got back from school. ERRR maybe i should say it "TOO MUCH GAMING". well i did study a bit during the night. hmm i don't know what to say anymore, GOOD NIGHT.

A normal day

Posted by くろなつ
i went to school, learned.
i back from school, played games.
i felt dizzy, slept.
i felt boring, hacking something.

actually i didn't do much today, just some normal routine. most of my downloads were done. just i don have time to watch all of it. duh!!!

okay so sleepy already, time to bed.

KuroNatsu's Anime Section

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
today i finished downloaded xxx:Holic Kei

Also done watching it. the 2nd season of xxx: Holic, only released till ep 13. the anime based on mysteries and in the world there was no such things as coincidence, all is envitable. i must say that it was quite interesting. the girl the main character loved turned out to be the misfortune-bringer. i don't have much to say about it since it only 13 ep and it a continuation of the 1st season. so if interested better check it up.~

KuroNatsu's Anime Section

Monday, January 26, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

I finished code geass, the 1st and the 2nd season. Hmmm....i must say that the anime is quite tempting, full of strategic and MOST IMPORTANT!!!: NICE MECHA!!!!!

That lelouch boy are totally my thinking style, CRUEL and EVIL!!! but the truth is, ALL THE RESPONSIBLITY is on his shoulder. He can tell the truth but he on purposely lied to his loved one. Such a dissapointing decision but i liked it.

The power of geass bring out the true potential of the person chosen. A wonderful GIFT but could result a destruction, people who are aware of that are too late to be forgiven but in the end died in the light; Lelouch. Fantastic. The mecha are welly designed and are gundam-based, pretty cool but they don't focused on it too much. "The surbonites won't moved unless the king had made a move" - BRILLIANT INDEED!!!

My rating - 5/5


Posted by くろなつ
today, i helped out my family with the fish business. my family wanna sell out fishes. currently got only 3 kinds of fish, and i can't recall what the names. haha i must say that the "cold room" where we kept the fishes are so damn cold. its temperature is -10'C WOWOWOWOWOW!~~~~!!!

Helping out with the fishes are tiring but its was ok. i got an invitation from haru to go for a vacation near a beach. but i think i will refuse it since i got many jobs and homeworks to do. T_T

Btw the way, happy new year to all chinese and also to all malaysian. Have a nice celebration. ^__^

Internet upgraded

Friday, January 23, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
i got my internet package upgraded from 512kb to 1.0 mb. YAHOOOOO~~~~~

and also i tested out and the download speed went up till 150kb/s WOWWWWWW i cannot stop downloading.

btw i already begun downloading code geass which sakyou told me about. interesting anime and quite mysterious at the same time.

Also right now i quite fond to "Hatsune Miku" a vocaloid program create by yamaha. its a high-tech stuffs and i also contacted aki for the program. i wanna make my own songs with the vocaloid.

OH YEAHH!!!!! GAMBARE~!!!!!!!!!!!!! (don't forget about homework though)


Thursday, January 22, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
i lazy telling what happened yesterday nor today. maybe i will post about it later on.

right now, i need help!!!!
maybe it too easy and unreasonable but still i need help.
it just simple

go to this website and register:

that website will help me gain money for me to buy a megaupload premium account.
PLEASE!!!! i'm begging, and if you please, send the above link to all of your friends. thanks again. T__T

a little thinking

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
today nothing particular special happened in the school. The "merentas desa" are getting near as i speak, which is will be held this thursday. i don't really have a feeling to attend the school that day but i will do so. well at least i can take pics to update my friendster. i haven't touch it for quite awhile. Somehow, today i started to getting a skecth of my own english. though it was very blurry and clueless. maybe i will think about it more in the future, that is if i do have a future tomorrow.

today evening, i got bm class. i know that i almost run out of money and i won't have enough money for tomorrow, but still i need to eat as my stomach was killing me. i ate "kuey tiaw" rebus (i don't know the spelling, sorry for that) and a bowl of ABC. its very YUMMY!!!!! but still, i felt something was missing.

there was also some of my classmates there ate not far from me, just a few table away. 3 girls. it just normal. its not that i have special feeling for them. trust me, i'm not the type that like to change girlfriend. actually i don't interested in girls yet. (i'm not a homo!!!!) it just i wanna focus more on my study first. after getting a decent job, then i will think about making a family.

the class ended around 5pm and i got back home. as soon as i reached home, i saw my mom buzy managing the "Cold Room" (a room which is cold enough to keep fish) as my family wanna start a fish selling business. my house gonna be a warehouse for fishes. i told her that i cannot help her as i got class. when seeing her like that, my heart felt that "it is okay for her to do all the labour job?, it suppose to be me!!! because i'm a guy!!!". i really felt sorry for her. all the things she did, is for my future, for keeping me alive. i felt that i shouldn't ask any penny from her. and i tried to do that.

last sunday, i got starving because of lacking money. my mom gave me rm10 for school expenses and coincidently i have to pay for class money and club's money that was a total of rm5. during the recess i spent rm3 for the meal and that left me rm2. that evening i got BM class and i decided not to eat because that rm2 will be my expenses money for tomorrow.

even for a slight, i don't want to burden my parents. that's why i willing to starving myself than asking more money from my parent. i felt like i was a worthless son because asking money from them, i'm a big boy already and i can think wiser than before. clearly it just an act of stupidity of me.

jsut now i thought about myself, my parent and my family. i say to myself "do i deserve to be in this family?" all my other siblings are clever and hardworking. they are some sort of genious if compared to me. maybe it still not to late for me to prove that i'm the most genious of them all, but all i can think that i too confident in myself which have led me to a dead end. stupid natsu.

okay that will do for tonight. good night and sweet dreams all. its the least i can do to other people.


Monday, January 19, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Nothing special happened at school.

after school, i invited farid to join me working on the club's stuffs at my home. but something bad have come. which was my PC's windows got destroyed because of overwhelming of viruses and bugs. T__T and so i formatted my pc around 7pm just now. Though it was troublesome but it wasn't too bad. i backup all my files and dealt out with the formatting things. i done at 7.35pm hmm quite fast huh?? well that was only the window part. i spend another 1 hour on installing all the motherboard drivers and update the windows, and also hacked the window into 100% genuine. what a nice program farid told me about. hehee lucky i must say.

i got back my download speed which is fast and got back my harddisk space. i felt relive with my pc condition right now. but still my torrent are slow, probably of no seeder. well that's ok since the torrents are all in the last 10%. my eyes are tired, same with my mind. but i need to complete my club's stuff. as soon as my download done, that problem gonna finish fast!!!!.


Sunday, January 18, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Lucky for me today, my mom replace my old modem with a new one. in fact the streamyx guy give A BRAND NEW ONE, even the tape still on it. LOL!!!! as i told beofre, there was a election going on in the Terengganu Waterfront City (LOL the new name of Kuala Terengganu). In the end, the election was win by PAS (parti islam semalaysia), i forgot the canditate name. LOL!!!!

Put that aside, today during the school time i was rushing to find my muet teacher as she told me before that she willing to help me in my Literature in English by supplying some text based on my syllabus. So i was running to her just to give her the syllabus. quite tiring but its ok.

During the recess, i just ate a grape-flavoured bread (NO appetite at all). Also i got news that my BM teacher wanna hold a class in the evening. The class was the same time as my school's merentas desa practice. After school, i rode my bike to the nearest petrol station and refuel, as soon as i arrived at school, the students were getting ready to run. Since i will be working as urusetia so i don't have to run. While watching the students getting ready for the run, i met up with Farid. Then he remembered about the class. With haste, we made our way to the class. He was right, there was a class. The teacher was there and we went "AHHH BUSTED!!!" LOL!!!......i have to admit that, during the class. my head was blank as my stomach was very hungry!!! STARVING!!!! T__T. I didn't have the chance to eat anything after the school hours.

Back at home, there was no food except for some watermelon. I have some of it and went straight to my room. Landing a bit on my bed as my chest was really hurt, didn't have a clue what happen but i think it is because of gastrick. Even after my parents got home, there was no food they buy only news that tonight they wanna go out for dinner. (including me of course)

And so we went to a restaurant with some other member of PAS. (since my dad is the Head of the PAS cawangan wakaf tapai, he decided to celebrate the winning of the election. well it just go out for eat.) since i was dead hungry, my mom offer me half of her rice and i took it. i ate all of it to the maximun satisfaction!!!!!. How relived i felt at that time. Back at home again, i decided to type some paper works on my club's activities regarding the Lawatan ke mahkamah sivil. Luckily it was short and i finished it in no time. After some chat, i updated my blog which it this and probably after this go for some gaming to clear my mind out then off to bed, OYASUMI!!!!
i hate being tagged, troublesome. but i'll play along >.<

1) Your name/ user name
Ariff Hafifi a.k.a KuroNatsu/Leavatien

2) Left handed or right handed

3) Favorite letter to write

4) Least favorite letter to write
die (also)

5) Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
"god yzal revo spmuj xof nworb kciuq eht"
(LOL you didn't say the normal style, so it's up to me)

Tagging :

The pain

Saturday, January 17, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Yesterday, i really stress up with the modem that kept on dcying. Know what i did? i PUNCH the modem until my hand got some cut and lebam. now i think some of the bones crack though.......stupid me. In the end it just the lousy tmnet that have problem in the first place. and i just stress up with the modem that keep on dcying if the home phone being picked up.

Since last night i sleep quite early, i woke up very late in the morning. around 9.30am i think......zzzzzz as soon as woke up, i online my GARENA and enjoy some DotA. Surprisingly i was owning and the most killer. LOL!!!! usually i was the most lame player. Sleepy brain sure are good at games huh?

regarding the internet, i still think that tmnet got some technical problem. i don't know what it is but it not very nice AT ALL!!!! i can't even download a single file. my torrent speed = 5kb/s, my direct download speed = 9.99bytes/s WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! DAMN IT TMNET!~!!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY SPEED!!!!!!!!!!! so i decided to change modem. 1st thing in tomorrow = pack up my modem and give it to my mom so that she can change it to new one.

Finally after 4 hours of typing, i finished my syariah asignment. it one of a hell long asignment!!!! but i was satisfied with it. YOSH!! DONE ONE, 3 more to go........T__T NATSU!!!! better go die =.=!!


Friday, January 16, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
1) Do you think you’re hot?

2) Upload your favorite picture.

3) Why do you like that picture?
I like cats DUH~~~!!!
A big Cat, Hopefully it won't eat me @.@

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
During the time when Malaysia still known as "Tanah Melayu"

5) The last song you listen to?
ave;new feat Saori Sakura - True My Heart

6) What are you doing right now besides this?

7) What name you would prefer besides yours?

8) People to tag.
~My hentai friend - Farid
********LOL all don't have a blog except me***********

9) Who is number one?
A devil with a innocent face

10) Number three is having a relationship with?
Hentaiof coz, he's a hentai fanatic.

11) Say something about number five?
LOST CONTACT, long time no see him, MIA i think

12) How about number four?
A computer freaks who help out fixed my pc. Also anime fan

13) Who is number two?
Just a sochai(stupid boy) who like to ask hentai from me and ask me to do the impossible stuffs.

p/s: MANNNN typing all this makes my hand hurt!!!

Jammed internet

Posted by くろなつ
Its friday and as usual, i went to Rusila. Its a kampung name actually. At there got Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang giving away speech. And also there's many stalls regarding FOOD, home equiment, comics(just a newspaper stall that happen to sell comics) and some more. Usually i meet up with my friends but somehow i didn't happen to see them anywhere. LOL

After done listening to the speech, my dad took me for a ride in the Kuala Terengganu. Since there was a Pilihanraya, so my dad wanna check up how the town condition. I have to say, it was very crowded and there's many flag. Also i saw a man waering a mask of a guy who took part in the election. haha very funny.

At noon, after good back from Jumaat's Praying. My dad have an english class just for near relative (he does that every friday). While feeling boring, i went to the class and have a chit chat with my cousins before the class start (the class is at my home LOL!!!). After that, i fixed my cousin's laptop and my computer too. I have to upgrade the microsoft word for my asignment. VERY TROUBLESOME.

At night, Just playing some games till 10.30pm, then i got very tired and migraine. ARGH THE PAIN!!!! so i went to bed early . Missed the chance to chat with Sakyou-chan. GOMEN!!!

p/s : I ate a "kuih cucur" for the first time in my life.

KUIH CUCUR - Sweet but Oily

Literature in English

Posted by くろなつ
today, during the school hour, my teacher accidentally registered me to take history. actually i going to drop history and replace it with literature in english. well she fixed it already. haha i'm the only one in the school that take english literature. WOW~~~ my teacher also said that she willing to help me out on it by supplying some texts. GREAT~~!!!

So during the night, i looked for the syllabus. and when i opened it and read the sample questions, I WAS SHOCKED!!!! LITERATURE IN ENGLISH STPM level are not some kids stuffs!!! its truly challenging and hard!!!. For the moment, i barely able to breath and regret that i wasted last year time without doing any english literature learning.

i have decided that no matter what happen i wanna get a good result at this, and i willing to DIE for it!!! this is the only thing that i can do. i must show my best before the world can show the best of me. my effort right now is just merely for some honeymoon, i need to double, triple, NOOO!!!! 10times than this!!!! i need to improve my writing and and speaking ability. i also need to advance my writing style to the next level. Using basic-style english to write a literature stuffs won't give me many score.

Surely i need all the support i can get, same with the text in the literature. anyone who are reading this post and will take literature english too this year (2009) please, feel free to count me in, in your study group. i sure gonna need it!!!!! starting this Feb, i will start my english literature learning. for now i must focus on my TOV exam. (the same goes to my car driving license) T__T

A mountain-like

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
About school, nah~ lazy to talk about it. afterall i only get more asignment on my club, I'm the asistant secretary and my job is only to type what the secretary give me paper-job in PC. i just receive a mountain like of asignment.

just now i done one of my asigment on syariah. 6 left to go. just MAN MAN do right? hahaha i'm taking it easy, only 1 asignment per night starting tonight. today also got the merentas desa practice but its for the girls. Got another practice for boys next week. (mannnn i still need to finish my car practising)

This is life AFTERALL!!!!!. i'm not sure if i'm ready for the TOV test or not but i will do half of my best :P, okay okay maybe full-of my best. I don't like to be consider as a LOSER in the school. But still, this LOSER that teached everyone else english and pc stuffs. when will my ability aknowledge by my parents T__T. another round of gaming then sleep. oyasumi~~!!

practice addicted?

Posted by くろなつ
today the school just have the same normal rutine, but it got a practice for merentas desa for boys around 3.30 pm. Of course, i skipped it (since i have to go for my car practice). Well i'm not intending to be a runner this year. maybe i should help out with the urusetia stuffs. i'm in form 6 afterall hahahha~~~

in the evening i got 1 hour of car pracctice. i was expecting another 2 hours but its ok. at least i still got to do the practice. HELL YEAH~~~

At night, surely full of tiredness and i thought that i should take a big nap!!! but i cannot get one T__T maybe i'm not used to day-sleep. now my pc repaired and its temperature drop from 70'c to 40'c, so many difference >.<>.<
i put some of my vandread pic at the left side of my blog, if interested of it. feel free to request it in the chat box at the right side. i check it up every day. for now, OYASUMI~~~ tired X-X

PC repaired.....

Monday, January 12, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Well the good news is i got my pc repaired. Well its thanks to my online friend(which is pro in pc sutff more than me), just a little change it all back to normal. haha today is the same normal schooling rutine, better skip that part.

The bad new is my hentai friend (farid) have his 2nd exam for license today but still he end up failed. his 1st attemp score 37/50 and his 2nd attemp got 41/50 (what a close call). poor him, well it took me 3 test to past though, and i score only 42/50 (terengganu word call it = atas tong).

yesterday i done my 2 hours of training and tomorrow i will have another 2 hours train. Car license of course. ^__^ cannot wait for it.

The important thing was broken

Saturday, January 10, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
MY PC WAS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's all i wanna say.(that's the reason why i have been skipping the blog)

being lock-up?

Thursday, January 8, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
As usual, there's nothing special happened today in the morning. Just a normal schooling with a normal. Though i expect for some of anime characters to show up in front of me but that's IMPOSSIBLE >.< In the evening, Farid(my hentai friend) and me decided to stay after school for study. In around 3 pm we met up with aki and then head-out to a stall, for lunch of cause.

We ate Mi rebus and then we got back to our class. Since its evening and its was such a hot day, we just did some exercises on our economy study. Mostly we just talked about games and animes stuff. Well 1st day, what should be expected. Besides :


what's to rush. Back at home, there's nothing much to do. i just did some revisions and homeworks and straight to bed.

Updates on Anime

Monday, January 5, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Today, i reached school quite early and saw my friend (the hentai fanatic) studying lonely. After that i joined him and finished up some notes on my BM. We talk about shitting words only. New one, old one, and i teaches him some foul mandarin words. (sometimes we need to release our tension).

The one that really unsatisfied us out today was, the other guys in the class. They were ignoring us!!!!! I'm already used to it, besides most of my classmates and teachers some sort of pandang hina at me. (LIKE I GIVE A DAMN!!!!) but they gave the same expressions to my friend also. How could them!!! He told me that he realized how far i was suffering in the school. Now that he's here, the suffering we both handle it out. FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!!!! BRING IT ON~~ my heart said. I got a feeling that, if we both together, we can overcome all the problems.

As i reached home and unlocked the key, suddenly my heart felt heavy and the feeling of crying grew inside me. And so i remembered how the past 5years i was facing the same day, the same feeling, LONELY. Its like a deja-vu. Evening, i was planning to make some notes but i endup playing maplestory as my heart refuse to let me touch my books. And so i played, for hours and hours. Then my parents got home, by that time my anger rise. The feeling of unsatisfaction, the anger, its drew me crazy. But i just keep away my thought deep in my heart. For instance, i was shocked why i turn out that way? Did the rebellation feeling inside me reached its maximun? Only me and God knew about it.

As time passed away, my anger made me forget about my dinner (even typing this post, i haven't eat). But by then, a cheerful friend of mine suddenly online her YM. Its like a blessing from God. I told her my problems and she told me just to laugh at the problem, why think so hard since life is just simply to enjoy? ~point that i can conclude from what she said~ then my anger subside and i started working on my notes. (i'm sure gonna go eat after this, so damn hungry!!!!!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KuroNatsu's Anime Section~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Recently i finished the anime "I My Me, Strawberry Eggs" quite an old anime. here's some part i rip from wikipedia
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
Image:Immsg logo.png‎
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs official logo
(Ai Mai Mii! Sutoroberi Eggu)
Genre Romance, Comedy, Drama
TV anime
Director Yuji Yamaguchi
Writer Ryoji Akiyma
Studio Flag of Japan TNK; Pioneer, LDC
Licensor Flag of the United States Flag of Canada Geneon
Flag of France Anima
Network Flag of Japan WOWOW
Flag of Spain Televisió de Catalunya
Original run July 4, 2001September 26, 2001
Episodes 13
Author Flag of Japan YOM
Publisher Flag of Japan MediaWorks
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Comic Dengeki Daioh
Original run December 21, 2001February 25, 2002

Here's some character group pics in it:

Hibiki Amawa is an enthusiastic young man whose dream career is to become a professional teacher; having graduated from college with a certificate in athletics. When he is unable to pay his landlady, Lulu Sanjo, the monthly rent quota for his apartment, he rushes off to the nearby fictional Seito Sannomiya Private School to apply for an opening, but is stereotypically denied employment because of his sex. Offended yet tenacious, Hibiki vows to prove his worth, and with offered help from Lulu, agrees to cross-dress as a woman in order to deceive the school administration. His incredibly convincing transformation works, and following a demonstration of his educational merit, is hired.

Unfortunately for Hibiki, however, life at school does not go completely smooth. With interpersonal conflicts among students causing fights and simple oversights moderately exposing his identity, Hibiki must not only mediate his class, but also keep his disguise a secret as well.

  • Opening theme song: Dearest performed by Hitomi Nozaki
Lyrics by Syoko Sawada
Arrangement Masala Nishida
  • Closing theme song: White Station performed by Acefile (Mae Yoshikawa, Marina Kushi, Asagi Kudo, Saori Nara)
Lyrics by Rei Yoshii
Arrangement by Masala Nishida
~ripped from wikipedia~

I also finished downloading Nodame Cantabille: Paris Chapter 1-13 Episodes. I will post about it as soon i finished watching it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KuroNatsu's Anime Section~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Resign

Posted by くろなつ
Well there's goes my 1st day of school. FUN? well just so so. As expected, the new underling i'm talking about is my friend. I've known him for quite a while now. YEAH! he's an anime fan (also a hentai fanatic too @.@) he coldly received by other classmates, but i welcome him with a great smile.(well i think so =.=") After him came my classroom-sensei. He decided to choose a new student to be the class monitor (I'm so glad about it!!!!) but one thing that's bothering me now. That is the form 6 club(my school make a club just only for form 6 student, lower and upper). Supposedly the secretary of the club should be present today, but it turned out she was attended by an offer to further her study to nursing (OMG A NURSE!!!!). That's left the secretary spot empty.

While i'm her secretary assistant. DAMN IT!!!! I going to meet the Pengerusi and demand on a reselection of the emptiness. HOPEFULLY it will go just fine. I'm okay with my current seat but being a full-fledge secretary is too MA FAN for me. Just an assistant will do.

After school, usual being lonely at home till my parent got back around 7pm. SURPRISINGLY just now, i did some small and colourful notes on my BM. @.@ i can't believe it myself. HAHA (maybe thanks to sakyou's influence, i starting to become more and more hardworking) YOSH!!! I'm all set for tomorrow's school. Uniforms, books, notes, and others. Hopefully i will have another spiritful and excellent day tomorrow~~~!!!!!!!

Television and School

Sunday, January 4, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
I felt so empty today, wondered what's missing. last night i slept at 4am, so my waking up was a total disaster!!! I have to wake up early since i wanna send my aniki to bus station, he is going to KL and then back to indonesia to study medic (pretty cool huh?)

After sent him, my parent took me and imouto for a shopping. My dad bought a bag, while my mom bought a lot of batik(she's selling it out to her friends). My imouto and me just enjoy ourself with window shopping, shikatanai(we both pennyless)

Tomorrow, school once again opening its door and i surely will go beyond the door (as a senior!!!! NICE) But the most important thing is I missed my friends.....haha ^__^ btw i will be having a new classmate. (GREAT!!! another underling, I'm the classmonitor afterall) Done all the preparations for tomorrow, GOSH cannot wait for tomorrow to come.

Sakyou, say good-bye to morning-natsu (i won't be online in the morning anymore, weekends maybe on saturday only haha) Right now i quite fired up to learn!!!! I can't believe it myself. *YAWN* i'm exhausted, but first double check everything before riding the bed.


Saturday, January 3, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

Since my dad late pay up the astro bill, he make me change back to regular Ariel. And i did, but guess what? The picture is so damn horrible!!!!! i try everything i know to fix it and finally i manage get the nt7 in a good resolution. FUHHHH other than that hurmmm, helping my bro with some pc stuffs and preparing for school opening. damn it SCHOOL AGAIN!!!!

Tomorrow suppose the registering of the school but i'm planning of skipping it. Since i don't have money for the payment. T__T But i do look foward to sending my bro back to indon though. (just send him to bus station actually). Well that's should do it. Edit the blog some more then sleep.

The creation of the 1st blog in life

Friday, January 2, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Minna-san gokigenyo~

etto~ boku wa KuroNatsu, Natsu to yonde kudasai. Yoroshiku ne~

i feel like creating my own blog after reading up Sakyou-chan and Aki-chan blogs a few times. And so here it is, my own blog. I don't know what am i suppose to write in it but please, to anyone reading my blog, feel free to comment anything. And if i ever say something unpleasant about my readers, don't hold back!! just curse me with all you got. (hahaha i'm a wierdo afterall)

for 3 years i have been downloading animes, and make my own collection. And now i want my friends also to like anime. Thanks to my best friend ShiroHaru which drag me into anime world. HARU!!! ARIGATO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to My Blog

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