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Natsu in Kuala Lumpur

Friday, December 25, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ohohoho, after 9 hours in bus, i in KL, kajang to be precise. IT WAS A NICE BOOOOOOOOOOORINGGGGGGGGGGG TRIP!!!

(that's yesterday's  stuff)

Today. i helped with my nee-chan's moving. SURELY it was tiring. But it is a normal thing. ^_^
Tomorrow I wanna enjoy myself out. A date with Sa-chan. =D

I hope it will be a smooth one. PROBLEMS GO AWAY!!!

Sore ja, Mata Ashita! Oyasumi...

Exam ENDED, Anime TIME!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
I finished Tales of the Abyss  and Yakitate Japan.

Both are nice. Making me busy and forgot  about my blog. =D

So lazy to write review about it and write anymore (than this).

I guess that's it. TOO TIRED!!! 3 hours of driving drained most of my energy.

Sore ja~ Oyasumi....

Tales of Destiny 2

Monday, December 7, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Finished a new game. Tales of Destiny 2

The wiki said, this game is under PS2 platform, actually it is under PS1 not PS2. A bit mistake. Even though it is on PS1 but it is still a great game for me. The gameplay is nice and the storyline is superb. Also the MVs are GOOD!! Simply nice.

TayuTama (Game)

Saturday, December 5, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Today, i finished playing Tayutama:



Yup, the game is in Japanese language. And i don't understand most of the words that showing. But i can understand when they speak the words out. It have voices that say each and every words. So it is a good lessons to improve my Japanese. hehe

It is funny. It is a Galge game. In other word, it is a Hentai Game. But these type of game is not my fav. I played it only to know about the ending. Since i didn't satisfied with the anime ending. T__T

The ending is nice, similiar to the anime, but with some additional scene that will make things clear.


Thursday, December 3, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh dead boring.

i went to the beach with Haru.

It's been awhile since my last talk with him regarding our anime group. He declared a FREEZE.
And so, our group is in freeze mode(inactive). We are all too busy. We have our own life and we are moving forward.

By the authority given to me, Natsu and Haru, We hereby declare that, Our Anime Group is INACTIVE.

Read and Laugh

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Posted by くろなつ


This is just funny!

EAT is necessary!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Okay, I have no exam today, but I woke up early because my friend texted(SMS) me that we got class, Economy Class (Makroekonomi).

And so, i woke up and went to the class. The usual restaurant that i always went was closed. Meaning, NO BREAKFAST FOR ME. (haiz, nvm)

After class, i went straight home. Stole a pack of "Maggi" from my mom's shop. OH YEAH, COOKING TIME!~~~

It's been so long since my last cook. But i did my best.

1 Maggi is not enough for me, so i cook 2 Maggi. =D
*skip the cooking part*

It's DONE. ITADAKIMASU!!! (eat in front of my PC while watching "Tales of the Abyss")

Just after 2 hours of my Breakfast+lunch. I still hungry. TIME FOR SOME SNACK!!!

Care for some grapes? :

Fresh looking isn't it? =D this is just side snack.

my real snack are :

Food on pic:

2 ice-cream (vanilla flavor)
Some grapes
Chocolate Milk

well this is just minimun requirement. If i have a tin of cookies, then it will be perfect.

Have some noodles at night. (forgot to take picture, T__T)


2009 Winter Preview

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
FALL almost come to and end, and next WINTER! and guess what, IT'S TIME FOR WINTER'S ANIME!!!!


SUTEKI DESHO!? hehehe, give the credits to Sa-chan for reminding me. ^__^


My personal review:

i think that "Hidden God" will be a nice anime, seeing that the pics show it is related to magic and goddesses. (its totally my-type-of-anime). hahaha

Qwaser of Stigmata" also looks nice. i bet it gonna be a crisis anime. hehehe, and also, the pic on the main character shows that it going to be a hit on girls.

Next, we have "
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu" which most likely be a comedy anime. ALSO, THAT PINK-HAIR-GIRL, SOMEHOW RESEMBLE "LOUISE" FROM "ZERO NO TSUKAIMA"!

OMG!! "
NODAME CANTABILE FINALE" ahhh~~ i cannot miss this one!!!! MUST DOWNLOAD!!! *write in download list* =D

Last but not least, i'm thinking of watching "Dance in the Vampire Bund". AHHH BLOOD! I LIKE BLOOD!!! GIVE ME BLOOD!!! LET ME SUCK ON YOUR BLOOD!!! AHH THE AROMA, THE SMELL, THE TASTE......SIMPLY CANNOT RESIST!!!

Well i personally think that, this Winter's anime is just different from the Fall's one. but i'm looking forward to it. ^__^ hopefully the fansubbers will standy for these animes. HEHEHE. Fansubbers!!! Thanks you for your past jobs, i enjoyed them. Hopefully you guys will stay subbing all those animes.

*Credits to all Fansubbers and Fansub groups*

BTW, the details about the animes can be checked HERE.

p/s: oh yeah, special for Sakyou. here's my anime list, which one you prefer?



Saturday, November 28, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
I watched one piece till episode 401. It was nice. The OP also nice.
Especially the Remake version of "We are!" and "Share the world". I just can't stop listening to them. =D

I was quite in troubled when looking for it since nipponsei didn't release the 11th album of One Piece OP. But i found the torrent, released by MusicStation. GOOD JOB MusicStation!

*Thumb up!*

Here are my collection:

hehehe~~ Tohoshinki, a group of YOUNG and HOT guys!!! but that's doesn't concern me much, I just like their voices. Their voices are smooth and low tempo~.


Nice isn't it? XD

oh yeah, here some notes from MusicStation regarding my album:

One Piece Opening11 SINGLE

"Share The World & We Are!" by Tohoshinki


01. Share The World
02. We Are!
03. Five in the black (Bonus Track)
04. Share The World (Less Vocal)
05. We Are! (Less Vocal)

provided by MusicStation - Music Fresh From Japan


Friday, November 27, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
i re-edited my blog, the purplish theme was for temporary usage until i found a better one.

and guess what, I JUST SIMPLY CANNOT RESIST THE ABOVE BANNER! T__T Haseo is just too HOT~~~ ahh~~ I like .Hack Series.... lalalala~~~

thanks for for the banner. A GOOD JOB! *thumb UP!*
well, i have another one banner i wanna put in here, but too bad that banner's format is not supported in blogger. maybe i just edit it when i free.

And so, this template will be my current blog skin. not too FLASHY, not too boring. A good match for me. ^__^

BTW! i have 5 more papers to face. I NEED TO GIVE MY ALL ON THIS ONE, econs(economy) is coming. NEXT WEEK!, 2 papers. ahhh~~~ where did i put my econs books?????!!!!!

Natsu!, hayaku Sagase!!! Mou jikan ga nai!!! BENKYOU BENKYOU BENKYOU!!!
(Natsu, hurry up and find it, time is running out, study study study!!!)

hehe~~ (^_^)

STPM: syariah kertas 1: Fiqh dan Usul Fiqh

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
as the topic said, there goes my first paper.

i had read around 10 topics but only 2 came out.

quite desperate during the exam. T__T but i did my best and answered the questions.

the day after tomorrow, double trouble coming up!

Syariah Kertas 2: Ayat Ahkam & Hadis Ahkam


Pengajian Am kertas 2 : Karangan



Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
yup, my exam, started.


among of the 10 topics i had read, only 2 topics came out. T__T
luckily, i remembered few point on another 2 questions. so it is not totally bullshit.

i turned pale and had a slight fever when opening the questions. maybe SHOCKED due to the unrelated topics i had read...hahahaha~~

well, now 1 paper done, 9 more to go. I MUST STUDY!!!

there won't be exams until next week's Tuesday. i won't say Good Luck instead i will say:


Miku Fever ~Again~

Saturday, November 14, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh, it's been awhile since i last post about Hatsune Miku.

ara? what am i talking about? VOCALOID OF COZ!
hehehe, she's the Onee-chan of the Megpoid/Gumi that i post few days ago. ^__^

Miku Miku ni Shite ageru:

this is so funny, she can move her own hair. HOW HILARIOUS!


p/s: i also have this song in my stepmania. also, the theme he's currently using, that's popcandy version 2, i'm using version 1, its reddish. refer back to my past stepmania post. it have my own version but that's the old one, now i make a lot of adjustment~ hehe~ anyway, the song, that's auto-play, he didn't play it. i scored AA on that song with Challenge Difficulty, (in the video, that's Heavy/Hard). HEHE~


Thursday, November 12, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
Don't get your nose bleeding after listening to this XD :



here's a clearer version of the so called "WEAPON":

AND GIRLS!!!! don't forget to check the description box, a very "GOOD NEWS" waiting you there to get more NOSE BLEED!!!

ahhh~~ i can't be more naughty than this XDD

Megpoid Gumi =D

Posted by くろなつ
Introducing new VOCALOID from the VOCALOID SERIES:


Gumi (or Megpoid) is a Vocaloid voiced by Megumi Nakajima. Megpoid is powered by Yamaha's Vocaloid2 software and was published by Internet Co.. She was released on June 25, 2009. As a character, her official name is Gumi, likely grafted from her seiyuu's name. Her character item is a carrot.

She has bright green hair and wears red goggles on her head. This is a parody of both her theme color and a character that Megumi Nakajima voiced, Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier; her design is similar to Ranka Lee. One of her demo songs is "Be Myself", an original song by Megumi. Her voice range is F2 - A4 and her optimum tempo is 60 - 175BPM. The design of Gumi is by the manga artist Yuki Masami.

Gumi comes with 3 demo VSQ files, Happy Birthday, BeMyself and Hitori Yurari.

Other names Megpoid, Gumi
Developer Internet Co.
Release date June 25, 2009.
Gender Female
Optimum tempo 60 - 175 BPM
Optimum range F2 - A4
Character Item Carrot

my own review:

hmm...not much to say about her, but i was looking forward for her release ^__^ well youtube is the best place to search for her songs XD HUNT IT DOWN! she's cute ^__^ but still i'm more into Miku than her ^__^

i am Miku fan after all~

oh yeah, here is my favorite song of her:


P/s: OH YEAH ALMOST FORGOT, here's another one vocaloid release by the Zero-G company:


lazy to type about her, sorry~

Count Down Begins!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh it now down to less than 10 days before STPM (my exams)

quite worry of my status, i'm trying to study as hard as i can...OR NOT! =P

i decided NOT TO STAY IN HOSTEL, for the reason, worry of my folks. they are old and sick, someone have to stay by their sides in case something happen. ^__^

but i will hang out as much as i can at the hostel (study). oh yeah, i happened to bump into my ex-car-teacher in the evening just now. he is still busying himself with teaching other beginners. ^__^

also, i got mad by my teacher at school for forgetting to ask for handouts today. a bit frustrated, well i was absent due to sickness and i didn't know she was giving away handouts. maa~~ ii~~

anyone familiar with Macross Frontier? TELL YOU SOMETHING NICE! try this movie out:

Macross: Do You Remember Love (ai wo oboete imasuka)

a short review (after so long):
okay~, its a movie of the earlier series of macross. YUP~ it was way back during the time 1984. OF COZ the graphic is old style, same as the Sailormoon. BUT TRUST ME, even though the graphic is sucks~ BUT! don't underestimate the story. ITS ROCKS!!!!!!! better than i expected it will be. it tells about why there are giants in macross frontier, XD what happened to humans in the ancient times~ BASICALLY, i understand that it telling me about the history of human kinds. QUITE FASCINATING!! ZEHI TAMESHITEKURE! (try it!)

my rate = 4/5 (-1 point due to the old style graphic =P)
storyline is good,
OSTs nice,
songs! ahh the funniest part! if you happened to collect all the macross frontier songs from Nyan Tama and Nyan Taro albums, you will bump into 2 familiar songs in this movie. ^__^

One Piece cast~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahhh i done watching one piece the movie 3.

Yeah~ it is an old style graphic but i enjoyed the ending song. It is NICE!

A good job by "DASEIN"

dozo~ otanoshi kudasai!~ :

Mabushikute by DASIEN

they all look kawaii!!!! ahh~~ how cute!! expecially Tony Tony Choppper (the raindeer). in the video, that is the Chopper true form before he ate the devil fruit and turned into Zoan type. BUT STILL!~ HE IS A LOT MORE CUTE THAN HE IS NOW~! XD

STPM is coming...

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
STPM (Malaysian Higher Certificate Exam) is coming.... in fact, it is around the corner.

have a look at my DEADLY SCHEDULE! T__T
benkyou no jikan wa nai nandesu kedo. (run out of study time)

the green lines are the papers that i will take during the exam. pretty HARD isn't? ^__^

i wonder how i will survive...
just.....wish me good luck.




Friday, October 23, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

i wanted to update my blog! BUT ShiroAki stole my sonyericson's wire. my handphone is full of events pics. and i wanted to put it in this blog. DAMN HIM!

ARGH! stupid me! i didn't ask for it in the first place.

tomorrow i will FORCE him to return it back to me! THAT'S FOR SURE!

few stuffs incoming:

hari raya's celebration at school,
my STPM timetable,
and some other nice news relating to anime!

be sure to wait for it. ^__^

p/s: OH YEAH! i almost forgot.

i found this REALLY NICE PROGRAM! i don't know whether YOU (readers) already have this or not, BUT I LIKE THIS PROGRAM.

Manga Viewer:

its a nice program to read manga. and a good thing about it is : if you download a manga in .rar format, you don't have to extract it, just locate the manga (in .rar) using the manga viewer and you can view the manga just like that. ^__^ simple isn't it?

here the link:
(i uploaded it, since i cannot find it anywhere in the net)

----mediafire link----

----2shared link----

HAVE FUN! (i don't know what is the official website for this program, GOMEN!)


Sunday, October 18, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahh i'm getting older by a year....... T__T say good bye to my youth......


a suitable song for me, KURONATSU.


Saturday, October 10, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
have you even wonder about...hmm...let see, about anything.

wonder about things around you, such as cars, sky, roads, trees and others.
though these things look simple from one's point of view, but they are actually NOT!.

there much more things behind them. road = stone, tar, other material.


i just wanna say that, even if you did something simple, it doesn't really simple actually. there much more things happening behind the simple things. ^__^

try look around and see for yourself.


Thursday, October 8, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
today i ponteng school, FEVER! T__T

but i was ok in the evening. my bro came to me and invited to go to Tasik Kenyir.

he was in charge of being "Imam" for the night prayers. since i haven't been there for quite some time, i agreed.

this is one hell-a-world experience. my FIRST!

we departed around 6 pm and arrived at the camping spot around 7. OH YEAH, i didn't mentioned that my bro is a USTAZ at his school. and his school currently having its annual camping. XD

basically, we just went there to see how the boys and girls were doing. i also met my former headmaster back during i was in my elementary school. Cikgu Saidi, my former headmaster and my mathematics teacher. he was a great guy. how i missed him so much!

back to the story, during the maghrib prayer. we prayed under the canopy. before we start praying, i noticed the black cloud and the wind were starting to blow. i said to myself "Arashi ga kuru" (the storm is coming). then we prayed. at first, it was O.K. but then suddenly the wind became stronger and everything was blown away. even i was about to be blown away. just imagine! BUT STILL! we didn't stop from praying. WE FINISHED IT!! even under the wind, even the canopy was blown away, even we were wet, WE STILL DIDN'T STOP!

i was trembling in cold during the Storm. not just me, the other boys also. they stayed until the end. the girls ran.... well shikatanai~ it was quite a fearsome storm. then the storm relieved.

i was glad that its over. (though my clothes were wet and i was trembling in cold), during the isyak, everything was smooth. not really a big deal. 30 minutes after isyak, my bro and i went home. ITS BEEN QUITE AN EXPERIENCE FOR ME! A WONDERFUL. I'M SURE THERE WILL BE SOME HIKMAH(good things) FOR THE HARDNESS WE FACED. ^__^

Kem Elit Peringkat Negeri

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
i were away for 4 days, went to a study camp. and elite camp. especially for HIGH POINTER STUDENTS a.k.a HIGH RANKS STUDS.

i were the stupidest stud there. i messed up big time. i humiliated myself during Pengajian Am and Bahasa Melayu classes. totally frustrated. i knew all along i don't belong there. actually my school forced me to go there.

but now, i'm glad they did. i found my weakness. my biggest weakness is my favourite.

that's right, animes, games, songs, all of it. why? because these things messing up my mind. making me lost focus on my study. when i were there, my mind was all about study study study. and i were keeping up with other studs just fine. in fact, i gained many knowledge than i was at school.

maybe i were not stupid all along. but 1 thing is for sure. i'm beginning to like studying and remembered the purpose of making this blog. ^__^



Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
a week ago, it was hari raya.

i know i should have updated my blog sooner but i don't have the time for it.
EVEN, i don't have the time for my pc. @.@

too buzy with driving, go here go there. haven't got the chance to take pics too. (GOMEN NE SAKYOU-CHAN! SEKKAKU YAKUSOKU SHITANONI!)

and also too tired.

lazy to say about it, just it had been a very busy week for me. T__T

p/s: i don't get much of angpao! @.@


Saturday, September 19, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
its raya eve. FINALLY~ RAMADHAN COMING TO AN END! ahhhh i gonna miss ramadhan.

its such a great month. ^__^

well RAYA is a lot more interesting.

quite buzy tidying things up. i need some rest~ i gonna update and upload many pics about tomorrow's raya. BE SURE TO LOOK FORWARD TO IT!


Saturday, September 5, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
frankly, i missed someone.

or should i typed it as "hatsukoi", my first love. (or something like it)

i may looked like this but i already experience a little bit of dating and the likes of it.
and now, i starting to miss her. or maybe i just miss my days during the elementary school.
my friends, my classmates, my experience, all of it.

one of the thing money can't buy = EXPERIENCE

TRUE! if you have money you can go for trips and vacation. but in the end, its yourself that require in it. you cannot just go inside a shop and say "sir, can you sell me your experience?". in online games, maybe! but not in real life.

YOUTH = friendship, love, learning, .....(and others)

can you buy YOUTH? NO! i don't think so. somehow i regretted for not enjoying my school life. i should go for sports instead of sleeping everyday! i should have make more friends instead of locking myself up in my room. i should have hang out with my girlfriend when i was dating her....

i have many things i regretted. but things in the past cannot be undo.

a stupid may say, "hey, i can undo my life, just simply click the undo button in microsoft word".
and i was one of them. but now i think, a mind like that is only for a LOSER!

If i were a flower, then now i'd be the bud.
i shall treasure the beginning of my youth without any regret.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

its finally here, TRIAL STPM.

i need all the luck i can get.......still its all up to my effort.
i'm thinking of scoring pointer 3 and above, (max is 4).

guess a little bit hard work is necessary. ^__^
i'm still in the mood of playing and totally not into books. but i will study! eventhough i have to force myself.

tomorrow is the starting point. beginning with the subject "Pengajian AM kertas 1"
awwww one of my lazy-to-read-book-subject. HEHE

sore ja~ have nothing to say anymore. just want to prepare my brain for the exam.


Thing that i hate the most is the thing i loved the most?

Monday, August 31, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
i was once gave up on living. or maybe i was thinking like that.

i always thinking that life is a BORING thing before i turn into animefan.
it was just LEARN LEARN LEARN LEARN!. i was a total geek when i in elementary school.
and of coz, i scored straight A's in UPSR exam. but still i'm not quite happy about it.
so are my family. they think that it just another "SHOULD GOT" thing.

i hate to say it but my family standard are rather high. my BROs and SISs are very good in their studies. but still from my point of view, they are just another "PUPPET" of my mom. they just did what my mom "FORCED" them to do.

after seeing that, i turned rebellious. I HATE MY FAMILY......i want to shout these words, but i know i'm not strong enough for that. in the end, i just can hate myself. i don't want to dance on my parent palm.


omg.....i said it.....


Monday, August 24, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
do you ever notice of the "return" button on your keyboard.

YEAH~ with just a simple press and all back to normal. well sometimes not all things back to normal. some remains....

well i have my modem fixed or changed to be exact. and my internet once again UP AND ROCKING!

hmmm 3 days without internet make me relize, how great is this life.....or maybe its just me who think that it is boring. STILL i love the things around me right now and not hoping for it to lose.

:P a bit sentimental isn't it? well just feel like it.

hahaha. what happened these past 3 days? nothing personally. :P

that's all i can say~


Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
what more could be worse?

being ear-sicking-lectured by the teacher i HATE THE MOST!
(i felt like wanna KILL him, can't even control my anger. even my hands were shaking!


(lazy to talk bout this, really not in the mood)

at night, the worse of them all happened! my pc broken (AGAIN!).

and this time it is quite bad. my HARDDISK BROKEN! fully infected by virus and eventually cannot even be format or detected in another pc.


ARGHHHH even my allergy are coming back. SHIT!
how bad things could get tomorrow? OH I KNOW! MAYBE TOMORROW I WILL DIE! (FINALLY!)


p/s: one lucky thing today, i got another scholarship. ANOTHER RM 1000, bank-in. (9xx actually)
i really started to think that


Horrible the 3rd (WTH?)

Posted by くろなつ
its another bad day in a bad week.

what a bad-fengshui-person am i!

well it's my mistake actually. i was late for school. and the discipline teacher just took away my motorcycle's key(including my house keys). TRULY BAD LUCK!

i knew that i gonna go out from school around 1-2 pm to fetch my scholarship's money. and surely function like that take a lot of time! and IT DID!. T__T

i back from TESDEC (the place where the function being held) around 6 pm.

i knew all along the office (where my keys are) already shut down!
even if i knew all along, i still turned moody! very gloom!

so i didn't drive my bike home. left it at school (DUH! i have no keys to unlock it!). just patiently wait for the was late and i got what i want and got home safely

(at first i thought i will have to walk 8km home... (the day was late and there isn't many public vehicles as it is in the noon)

but on the bright side, i got my scholarship! XD RM 1000.00 CASH!!! hehe~
for startle, i wanna settle all my debts with school. (LOL I HAVEN'T PAID THE REGISTRATION MONEY!) :P

i think RM200 enough to cover all of it. ^__^
and of course, i wanna buy a graphic card for my pc.

my choice: Gigabytes geforce 9800 gt, (512 or 1gb, haven't decide yet)
wanna check it at the town in the weekend.~
and also PIKOM PC FAIR is coming to Terengganu! PARTY TIME!~

p/s: LOL i got to hand-shake with the Menteri Besar Terengganu - Ahmad Said. @.@

HORRIBLE the 2nd

Monday, August 10, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
i went to town today with my mom, i DROVE! yeah~

all was good until suddenly!


and this time, someone sure like my CAR-ASS.

i was driving at my mom's guide. apparently she was looking for her friend's shop.
i just drove as slow as i could (50km/s). just when she told me to stop. i did what i should do. gave the signal and slowly brek. just when the card stop and i was eagerly waiting for the traffic to clear to go to right side, a motor CAME FROM BEHIND AT HIGH SPEED (i assumed 70-80km/s).

*i think he's not looking at the front.

he brek as hard as he could and tried to evade my car. then he hit my CAR-BUTT out of blue. he fell (LOL ANOTHER ONE!) on the road on the left of my mom. even i in the driver seat could see laying. @.@

another tragedy.....

i moved the car out of in the middle of the road. and parked it safely. the motor-boy stood up (A MIRACLE!) and moved away his bike from the middle of the road. then there goes my mom with her AHH-where-is-my-repairment-money-EYS.........

she decided not to report it to the police since the boy agreed to pay for the repairment money, (if me, surely sue him!) i just stood there and made my stupid-and-nothing-happened face. YEAH~


*skipped that and this*

the matter took me 3 hours to settle. i got home LATE around 10 pm.......


The Starting of the HORRIBLE!

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
YAY~ its sunday again.

the 1st day of the week. should i be happy or what? heh~

well nothing in particular happened at school except for my "kids". curios?

(now now, where is the picture? oh yeah in there~)

HORA! take a good look at my "kids" (4 of them):

(hahaha my "kids" are busy with their mother~)

well i'm the one that always care for them~ i like kittens~! XD and they are KAWAII!!!!!
oh wait, i haven't named them yet >.< hehehe

that's the only good part in the day.

after got back from my school and reached my OKA-san's shop. a boy, suddenly fell from his bike. RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY VERY EYES!

what had happened?

well the road were wet and the drove at quite a decent speed. with sudden break, he fell.

he have no life-threatening-wounds. just some minor cuts. i helped him and treated his wounds. then i went home. (LOL I'M LEAVING AN INJURED PERSON BEHIND!) actually his friend arrived not long after that.

here's the nightmare began....

i got back home and booted up my pc as any other day. BUT! my internet was not connected! tecnical problem FOR SURE! i was SO F**KING stressed. and was EVEN MORE STRESSED when my pc started to lagging and stuck when i playing DotA offline. i was like OH-MY-F**CKIN-S**T.

i don't know what was it problem. but it really made me MAD, SUPER MAD!

i spent 3 hours fixing all those things and just when i finished......THE LIGHTNING STROKE!

STORM!!!!!! OH-S**T!

thanks to that, i couldn't play games or watched animes.

what did i do? LOL~! i just turned to my handphone and opened anime songs in it.


and the storm last for 2 hours.......i re-booted my pc after it then went to sleep. didn't have the mood to touch the pc.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009
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i can't stop listening to this song :

Clint Mansell - Requiem for a dream (orchestral version)

yeap~ one of the OST in the movie "The Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers" its also the thriller's BG music.

well enough for that part, i gonna be off for a week or so starting tomorrow.

being FORCED to join CAMPS for my much can it get >.<

i will be back on wednesday next week. RIGHT BEFORE TERENGGANU PC FAIR! GREAT!

PIKOM PC FAIR, they will be coming to terengganu also. (well they are going all over Semenanjung Malaysia actually) XD

15th = saturday, GACC 1st day. ALL ANIMEFAN (otaku) MUST GO TO THE GACC! (i know i can't, too FAR!)

just to be secure, wear a mask! you never know whether there will be H1N1 virus flying at the GACC or not. >.<

sore ja~ (see me again in 7 days)


Sunday, August 2, 2009
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I wonder sometimes...

am i worthy to be here (alive)?
am i worthy for tomorrow?
was i worthy before?

these questions keep on coming to me when i was alone or in a bad mood.

i can only say, NO!

i'm not worthy for all of it, be it in the past, present nor the future. the world seems to be TOO GOOD for the likes me to reside in. I AM NOT WORTHY! that's all i can say.
just a minute ago! while i was surfing my hentai website. (well i just wanna go for the forum for my games thread)


ANIME ON THE MOVE AGAIN with the coming of FALL 2009.

check it out:

THIS IS SO DAMN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(well well, its not a waste i went to a hentai website) @.@ >.< ^__^

sore ja~


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someone asked me before, a pc-related question.

"how to know your motherboard model without opening the casing"

it is simple actually, just a typing and clicking~

i just use simple style. (this instruction is in XP, maybe vista also the same way)

1. click start
2. click "run..."
3.type "dxdiag" (capital letters also can)
4. click ok on the small box that pop-up (if you are opening it for the 1st time)
5. then another box named "DirectX Diagnostic Tool" will pop-up (a bigger box actually)
6. there will be a list about your pc. (ex : system model, system manufacture and others)
7. there you go, your pc model, the "system model" is your motherboard model.

easy huh? YEAP~ ITS VERY EASY, just take a minute to do it. XD
also you can check your sound, graphic on the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. it is quite useful actually. especially when someone wants to know more about his/her pc.

hope that's help. i'm off to sleep.

Mata Ashita (well i going to Rusila tomorrow, after so long didn't go there) ^__^

Don't be shocked!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
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last week, it was a disaster! my allergy.

and it was really bad!

don't believe me? have a look then :

(just see all those red spots! ARGH PAIN)

well thanks god that it is better this week. lesser than last week XD.

though another "thing" have "haunted" me. YEAP! the one i have been skipping for so long~


thanks to that, i have been cramping tonight. and i was just finished my homework. FUH!

see my noob face:

(sry the lightning is just TOO ROMANTIC!)

making homework while listening to some newly-downloaded SuJu's songs.

my 1st rank song right now = SUPER JUNIOR - SORRY , SORRY (japanese version) XD


Friday, July 24, 2009
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(my allergy is getting worse. right now, my both hand swollen)


Monday, July 20, 2009
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i failed to past the check up which was held for blood donation.

thanks to my allergy, i cannot donate my blood.

but i know my blood type : A (^__^)
and my weight, hmmm increased quite a lot from before : 50 kg (still i am so light)

its holiday today, i spent my day with doing some nice activity.

once i realized, it is a mess~! few months already i haven't tidy my room up. and it was one big garbage~. >.<

well as soon as i woke up from sleep. i started tidying, WIERD FEELING but its nice~

WELL my room is once again = CLEAN AND TIDY~ HURRY FOR ME!

now, i'm thinking of what kind anime should i download next! NO IDEA but nvm, i will check for it tomorrow.

as for now, i wanna have a nice sleep in my clean room. ^__^


Friday, July 17, 2009
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granny, WHY?

WHY, are you alone?

WHY, everyone left you alone?

WHY, i the one that need to stay?


(because you the only one left)



Wednesday, July 15, 2009
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just like restarting my pc,

i thinking of restarting my own life. all of it. or maybe i wanna change myself to be a better person.

i going to relearn all of books involved in my english literature. also gonna get my scholarship soon.

hmm maybe my life will changed for a bit after next week. but 1 thing now, my allergy is getting worse than before. every night my body will swollen. its itchy ya know, and it is hard for me.

well i know what i must do tomorrow, and hopefully i will have a better day tomorrow than today.

(a short but meaningful post, better than nothing ^..^)

troubling in handphone....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
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hermm, i thinking of changing my handphone.

my current one is still nice and kicking but it is a little bit slower than usual.....well not a big deal.

from there i found this great NEWS!

TOTALLY ROCKS AND KICK ASS. i lazy to paste all of it here, so check it out for yourself.

Docomo Sharp SH-06A 2.0 NERV Evangelion

the real model is :



well i thinking of settle down with sony again.

here my choice : SONY ERICSON W980|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A835|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

i haven't check this phone at shops yet. but i will check for it after i get my RM1000 scholarship. T__T ONEGAI HAYAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 6, 2009
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its been another good day isn't it? ahhh i like the day

back from my orientation week, pretty much tired as i should be. and was dead tired even more after the the last day's cleaning duty.

things that i forgot, re-enter my brain. well SHIKATANAI! i end up helping out with my cousin's ceremony. next week my SIFU will be going to sydney for his PHD! ROCKSSSSSSS

i have a nice chat with my sifu after so long haven't meet him. he also updated my info on Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3!!! VERY NICE! oh yeah, he also one of the blizzard entertainment's game fan. ^__^

it was quite dark when i went home. my mom picked my up from my cousin house, and of course, i drove her home XD

we stopped by at my "handsomes" house.

what a lovely house. its my second time there XD. but my handsomes are the cutest of all!


the elder handsome, lovely isn't it? ^__^

and here's the newly born handsome (the above's brother):

(rase nak cubit2 je pipi tu XD)

oh btw meet my friend that i keep on writing about.

my best pal in my school, Anis:

(guess what, he and me was skipping our facilitator works. currently hiding somewhere cool XD)

done visiting and chatting, my mom and me went home. i was tired, SUPER TIRED!!

the next day, sunday, i was sleeping the whole day. i even slept while standing during my school's weekly assembly!! GOSH I WAS TOO SLEEPY. and i arrived at school around 7.45 am, LATE! but slipped the morning attendance check. NICE! i was sleeping from the morning till 3 pm, school's end time. not even me, all of my classmates were also like that. guess we all were tired by the orientation week's cleaning duty. XD


Wednesday, July 1, 2009
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i ain't go anywhere!

well to be truth, YES, i'm going somewhere for the time being, couple of days maybe.
off to my school's hostel~ for the orientation program for the lower form six.

hmm somehow, some chill started to coming out of me. maybe can't wait for it, or maybe something bad will happened. @.@

been quite buzy these days. school stuffs, normal actually for the likes of me. T__T
i guess i am a bit stupid for not studying before the exam. and the result of it:

A- , B+ , C+ , C+ = overall pointer 2.75............ITS SURE IS SUCKS!

guess i have to improve a lot more huh? T_T better start cutting down my anime and gaming time.

ahh i can't wait for the japan tour in cyberjaya in July. well i know that going there is IMPOSSIBLE but hoping for the TV to broadcast it ^__^ hope it will.

well so far so good, done packing up my stuffs, and my download will complete soon. well maybe 2 more days, can't wait to start watching "D-GRAY MAN" its SUPER NICE!!!

ahh quite tired, i should go to bed.....>o<


Tuesday, June 23, 2009
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

okay, first i wanna say that this anime ROCKS!!!!!! TOTALLY! XD

if you are familiar with mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha, then this is the anime for you. the storyline almost the same as nanoha, but of coz the characters are different. tengen toppa was more into mecha fighting and adventure. and i like adventure animes. XD this anime is made up of 26 eps, so its took me one whole day to finish this up T__T. but i enjoy this anime. and trust me! the OP song is so NICE!~~ i also like the OST "liberate me from hell", ITS SO NICE!

oh yeah, one more info, the movie of the simplify version of ep 1-13 was released last april, the title is "tengen toppa gurren lagann: gurren-hen", now i'm patiently waiting for the "lagann-hen" to be released. hope it will soon. XD

Nakagawa Shouko - Sora iro Days (OP)
since i like it too much, here something nice~~ the lyric:
kimi wa kikoeru?
boku no kono koe ga
yami ni munashiku

moshimo sekai ga
imi wo motsu no nara
konna kimochi wo
muda de wa nai?

akogare ni oshitsubusarete
akirametetan da
hateshinai sora no iro mo
shiranai de

hashiridashita omoi ga ima demo
kono mune wo tashikani tatauteru kara
kyou no boku ga sono saki ni tsuzuku
bokura nari no asu wo kizuiteiku

kotae wa sou itsumo koko ni aru
sugita kisetsu wo
nagaku hima wa nai
nido to mayotte
shimawane youni

kazoe kirenai
hon no sasaya kana
sonna koukai
kakaeta mama

sono senaka dake oikakete
koko made kitan da
sagashite ita
boku dake ni dekiru koto

ano hi kureta kotoba ga ima demo
kono mune ni tashikani todoiteru kara
kinou yori mo kyou boku wa boku no
umaretekita wake ni kizuete yuku

kotae wa sou itsumo koko ni aru

subete ga maru de atari mae mitaidatta
tattoi hibi wa mada owaranai

soshite mata
hashiridashita omoi ga ima demo
kono mune wo tashikani tatauteru kara
kyou no boku ga sono saki ni tsuzuku
bokura nari no asu wo kizuiteiku

kotae wa sou itsumo koko ni aru
the story goes with a boy named Shimon, who live in an underground village(forgot its name). why the humans lives in underground? it is because the spiral king, Lord Genome, "locked" them into the underground. (this is the main mystery ^__^) . Shimon job was to dig and expand the village. Shimon also being nicknamed by the villagers with the name "Shimon the Digger". BUT, out of all the villager, there was Kamina, an adult guy who very interested in Shimon's ability and personality. Unlike Shimon, Kamina is just a "jerk" in his village. (maybe a nuisance).
one day, a ganmen(a big mecha without head and a face as its body) fall into shimon's village, then come Yoko, a gunslinger girl. (QUITE SEXY! =.=). shimon on the other hand, found a mini drill with a human size face (ganmen). shimon manage to power it up and beat the crap out of the huge ganmen which fall into his village. Shimon, alongside with Yoko and Kamina, break through the surface with the mini-size ganmen, Lagann. from there, their adventure begins.....

(sorry but i don't like spoiling the anime!..........^__^, the rest, watch it yourself)

my rate for this anime = 5/5

(anyone wanna buy it from me? i take orders, in malaysia -semenanjung- only though XD)


Saturday, June 20, 2009
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i went to KL and Melaka for my club's trip. it was nice and tiring too. well i have fun, LOTS OF IT!

even now i'm still tired.

i departed on Wednesday's ngiht, around 9.30 pm. i arrived in KL around 5.30 am. quite a long journey, and surely i was ASLEEP!

after taking a nice shower, we(my friends and me) have breakfast, then headed to SURIA KLCC's Petrosains. we went there too early, the shops were still closed. thanks to that, i have some free time to look around. its my first time in SURIA KLCC, and YEAH! it was BIGGGGG! few times bigger than the mydin megamall in Terengganu. XD the shops are nice but it was such a waste that they were still closed...... T__T

around 10.30 am, we entered the petrosains. it was great, hehe. i just looked around, SHIKATANAI WA!!! my migraine was rising that time. after petrosains. i got some errands to do. thanks to that I MISSED MY CHANCE TO GO TO KINOKUNIYA!!!!!!! ARGH!!!

BUT! on the other hand, i meet 2 japanese women. i knew they are japanese because they are speaking Japanese language and i can understand them! NICE~~~ we are in the same lift and i was with my friend. i wanted to greet them but i didn't have the courage to do so. In the end, the lift went up in silent......i couldn't say a single word!! though i already thought what to say to them. ARGH WASTED!!!

after that, the REAL FREE TIME! yeap~~ its heaven time for girls but hell time for me. WE ALL WENT SHOPPING near SOGO (and the area near it). the girls was esuantic~~ they went into a few malls. my friend and me on the other hand, just wear kampung style clothes and wear cheap slippers, and went window shopping in SOGO and another mall. For 2 and a half hour, we only round in circle.....SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haizzz HONTONI ZANNEN DESHITA!!!!

then, we went to a police hostel (PERKEP) to stay for the night. everyone were tired. and i was the first one to asleep~~ MASANI SLEEP KING! hahaha, the hostel now have its own KIOSK, i just ate my dinner there. THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS and i ate ALOT!!!!! the owner also lend me CONGKAK and CHESS just to kill time. While playing, we chit-chat and have fun~~. it such a nice night!. around 10 pm, i went to bed. OYASUMI~~~!!!

the next day, we woke up and get ready to depart to Melaka. YEAP, the second destination!. my teacher said there were some new monuments in Melaka. hmm at first, i thought it was boring. but watcha ya know? IT QUITE FUN!, first we went to "Eye of Malaysia". well it was nice, but there were not too many people at it. after that, we rode the "Taming Sari" and went to see a reptile exhibition!. i bought some dodol along the way.

then, we went to a Bazaar not far from the Taming Sari. TRUST ME, PAY A VISIT AT THIS PLACE, the clothes are so damn cheap!! in fact, you can ask for more discount (PAY ATTENTION TO THIS GIRLS!~!!!). my teacher got some stuff just for free. while i spent RM 42, for 3 clothes and 1 hat. not a bad deal~~

since the girls and the teachers were buzy with their discounting. my friend and i went went sight-seeing. we visited the big ship which was built for tourism. it was nice and BIG!, REAL SCALE SHIP!, after a quick rest, the both of us went into "Dataran Pahlawan", this one was a big shopping mall too. but the prices were a lot cheaper at the Bazaar. ^__^ WINDOW SHOPPING~~

after that, we rest a bit on top of a hill, just to chill out and sight-seeing. the wind was nice~~ and the scenery is the best!. TOO BAD I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICS! T__T i wonder why, maybe not in the mood ~~~~XD.....after that, we had out lunch, and went to mosque.

around 7.30 pm we departed back to terengganu. arrive at 4.30 am at my school. ~~YAWN~~

i really wish i could meet sakyou during my free time, but she got class to attend. SHIKATANAI DESU NE~~~ maybe next time~. XD okay, that's the end of my trip's journal. i got some anime reviews need to work on. i will post it here soon. XD

ahh buzy

Friday, June 12, 2009
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ahh it's almost end! MY HOLIDAYS

been buzy the whole week, never been really at home.

go there, go here~~~~ ahh tired.....
well i bought a new 1gb DDR2 ram.....NICE now my pc runs on 2gb RAM


next week is my trip to kuala lumpur. hmm
buzy with stuffs, ahh too many, wanna type it also lazy, plus tired~

oh yeah, i got a new number. an U-PAX (celcom) number. NICE~~~ PM me in MSN or YM to get my new number~~~

sore ja~ mata ne!


Thursday, June 4, 2009
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hmm i got a slight fever.....(even now)
and feeling extremely tired!!!

(gosh, i should go to bed)

today was the third time i repeat my JPJ car test. and miracle happened.
even though i got fever, i passed the test with my fever....LOL!!

a good thing. next week i will make my license. NEW ONE!~~
well the trip to sekayu was a success. TOO bad duri didn't join us, his mom forbid him to come. POOR HIM!

oh yeah, i started playing ROSEonline private server. its nice but somehow quite boring. I WILL TRY TO ENJOY IT!

ahhh dead tired. off to bed! oyasumi~~

To aru majutsu no Index!

Monday, June 1, 2009
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YAY its holiday,

i got 10 dvds from Haru, MORE ANIMES!!!!

just finish 2 of it.

To aru majutsu no index! YAY!!! its nice, cute characters, for both guys and girls!
and i like its ED 2nd. ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IKU - Chikaigoto ~sukoshi dake mou ichidou~
ITS NICE!!! a smooth song btw.

the animes......hmm its quite boring overall but i enjoy the mysteries in it.
the storyline a little bit off, like unrelated to each crysis. but its nice.
1 more advantage about this anime. it got the "to aru majutsu no index-tan"

YEP! just like "shakugan no shana-tan"
the small and chibi character. XD kawaiiii~~~~~

my rate for this anime 3/5 ^_^

p/s: i know i'm quite a skipper to my own blog, but too busy. now that my exam are over and currently on holiday, i wanna ENJOY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

Natsu(me), Haru, Aki, Zero and Duri(Farid)........maybe will go for a swim and picnic at Sekayu Waterfall, its still in planning, but Haru or Zero willing to drive there. ^__^ a nice plan~~~



Saturday, May 23, 2009
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hmm, was pretty buzy with examinations. the exam was hard, but its was fun answering it XD

got another week of exam and until then, i wanna play till its holiday. YEP! school holiday, the long await. 2 weeks off. hmm WATERFALL!!!!! HERE I COME!!!! SEKAYU WATERFALL!!!!~~~

i heard the FMA: brotherhood OP. DARN! ITS SURE IS NICE.

*AGAIN - YUI (the one singing for the bleach OP, rolling star, THAT YUI!!!)

ROCKS 99~~~~

lost 100gb of my animes. VIRUS INFECTION! DARN IT!!!! be cool, be cool! FAILED MY CAR TEST AGAIN!!!!! T__T ARGH I CANNOT STAY CALM!.

recently, my dota clan (REVO) beat up NOS clan in a friendly clan war in garena. YEAH! KICK ASS! wins 2 round, lose 1 round. NICE~~~

hmmm, i see some peoples asking for help in my chatbox. i just wanna say, if you want any help, just say the problem instead of "hey can you help me?", if i can help, i will help. besides that, put on your e-mail address when using the chatbox, i can mail you later about the "help" part.

that's all~~~

p/s: sakyou i will not do this tag this time, lazy and no time for it......KANBENSHITE KUDASAI!


Monday, May 11, 2009
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and my internet went POOF!

THUNDER of coz.....its been quite rainy and thundery these days.. i don't know if it a good thing or not.

yesterday my modem wasn't unable to detect the streamyx line in my area, probably some port problem. lucky enough today it was fixed.

hmm most of my download will finish soon....a good thing
and there was a new cc in my village. VERY SIMILIAR TO DINO cc in KT.

well i don't have much to say.... better head to bed. got school tomorrw. *YAWN*


Wednesday, May 6, 2009
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MINNA-SAN!!!! meet my former classmate and and best dota friend. GOOD LOOKING? hmmm just so so i think. XD he may looked like a worthless person, but trust me, his skills in dota are not something that you should underestimate!!!! >.< well i really respect him in dota and his knowledge on pc. around my level but he's more advance. :P

hey hey, check it out! its AKI..........which one? the fat boy OF COZ!!!!!!!!! he's a prefect. the FAT BOY ON THE RIGHT = AKI, my junior. the other one is also my junoir. same class as Aki. this pic was taken during my trip to kelantan, HUSM. i mentioned before. ^__^ my pic? hahaha got, but in the camera, not my camera. friend's.........

today, i decided to help my mom with some coconut. and this is my result. i peel of some coconuts. around 16 of them. quite tiring but it was nice. don't believe me? check the below pics. :P

YAY!!!!!!!! I DID A GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!! give me an applause~~~ ^__^
くろなつ = 黒夏 (i figured out the kanji words for "kuronatsu" NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009
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YUP, as promised, here's my review on the anime.

first, its pretty childish anime, but it is great in a way. the storyline is absolutely nice. and nicer if compared to the digimon adventure (1st season). the new digi-vice sure rocks. its enable the user to make their digimon jogress evolution which their selected partner. ^__^ a new option to digimon.

well its quite confused if you involved the crest evolution. basically, crest-evolution is for the old digi-vice, and the new digi-vice a.k.a D3 enable its user to use both crest and jogress evolution. a new model of digi-vice. ^__^

btw i like the insert songs. especially the "bokurano degitaru waarudo" last ep insert song. and the "sun goes down" which is also in the last ep. ^__^

too bad there was no fansub for this anime. wether you watch the dubs version or you watch the raw version. that's the only free version i can get. and of coz, all these can be found by googling its torrent. not really hard ^__^

i like this anime for its storyline and the character designs are so nice! especially the scence involving the evolution of digimon. though shakkomon is not quite strong looking but shilphymon IS SO DAMN HOST! and the Imperialdramon, fighter mode, was HECK COOL!!!! but still, i prefer omegamon better coz he is one of the royal knights. XD

and if you study the royal knights digimon correctly. most of them are used by the digi-destined. like omegamon from the 1st season. magnamon, armor evolution of v-mon, dukemon from digimon tamers, and others. ITS GREAT TO STUDY ALL OF THEM!!!!

sick and migraine...

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
which is nice? hmmm i wonder that myself.

well i know that someone was condemning my blog but i don't give a thing to what she/he said. i like it because it is my hard work.

Been sick for few days, and now have recovered. well skipping school is a nice thing to do. but somehow it feels different. i know that most people would angry with me. just let me be. i don't give a damn to people so people don't give a damn to me. FAIR ISN'T IT?

finished digimon adventure 02, FINALLY
also have the last episode in RAW. no subs but i can understand most of it. ^__^ nice ending and storyline. the review, TOMORROW!

my head started to spin. i need to have some sleep. my migraine getting worse by day...... OYASUMI!

POLICE IN CC!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
at school......hmm nothing much happened. the usual stuffs. sleep, writing, exercise, chatting and others.

well i did hanged out at the CC for quite awhile. of coz playing for free ^__^ NICE!!!!
during my play, some policemen came inside the CC for inspection. its so crap!!!
from what i can see, they are just keep on talking to the jiejie (older sis) who in charge there. well its normal but i just don't like the tone..... >.< MUKATSUKU!!!!!!!!!1

hmmm.....don't have anything left to say.... OH WAIT!

a credit to sakyou.!!!!
she told me about an anime expo or something like it will be held at help university college on 16th may. NICE!!!! too bad i cannot go.... terengganu is FAR FAR AWAY FROM THAT PLACE!!!!


Monday, April 27, 2009
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my classmate got an offer to go for a ASEAN program, which probably will be held at KL. i'm not interested since no japan listed in it XD.

it will be 9 days trip. hmm quite long. nothing special happened today, sleep most of the time and got myself a new maplestory private server to play with. quite nice. ^__^ SOULMS

hmmm. now watching digimon adventure 02 in english dubbing. too bad! cannot find the subs anywhere.... well i think of downloading the raw version of it. now completing my digimon adventure collection by downloading the raw version. NO CHOICE! the fansubber dropped it.
the torrent for 02 got a little bit problem. somehow i will try to overcome it.


Saturday, April 25, 2009
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ahh its MUET day..... i woke up TOO EARLY!!! around 5.45 am..... then went back to sleep and woke up again... been like that till 7.45 am....NERVOUS I THINK!!

i prepared myself for the big task and headed to school. after make a quick stop at the food stall in front of my school, i went to meet my classmates. they were studying HARSHLY!!! i praise their spirit for the study..... though there was not much time left until the big task.

well the 1st part was reading. the passage was quite difficult to understand but in the end it went good (for me that is). during the 30 minutes gap between each paper, i went to sleep in the neighbouring class. hahaha funny isn't it? i still have time to sleep while the others keep on discussing about the MUET.

the 2nd one was writing. hmmm.....the essays were hard. HARD ENOUGH, making me re-wrote the same question twice.....well its my bad though. i was quite nervous with the time. luckily i stopped just in time for the paper to be collect. ^__^

the last part was listening. hmm i must say, the audio was quite.......CLUELESS!!!! i made up some of the answers since i didn't have many choice. but still i'm glad that i was able to answer it. if not, surely my mom gonna give me some of her "deadly audio" to me. >.<

an admin in a day....

Friday, April 24, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
GOOD NEWS!!!! i have become the admin. nice? SURE NICE!!!!!

admin for what?
a CyberCafe of coz. ^__^ well i'm not the real admin though. but i did help the real one in many problems involving PCs. and so he gave me the admin login id to unlock the CC's computer.

i can play as long as i can, NICE!!!!
but that's is not nice.... well he's doing a business, i cannot go there and force someone to stop play for the shake of me. i cannot troubled him too much. maybe when less customers are there, i can unlocked a pc and play. but that's all.

well, he said that he gonna give me some 80gb harddisks for free. i told him that i would pay for it and if he give it freely, he will be at loss. he insisted..... can't do anything about that. >.<

well i just keep on getting more fired up to help him whenever he's in trouble. though i'm not an expert in PCs. but my understanding skills are not something that can be taken lightly. ^__^

LANSI (proud of myself)??? DAMN RIGHT I AM ^__^


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this is my new avatar..... his name is KYO. don't know who is he actually. just think that red hair and red eyes are DAMN COOL!!!!!!!! XD

hmm the MUET getting nearest. just done studying with 2 of my friends. quite sleepy but i still wanna do a little bit DotA-ing. XD

HARU DA NE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Posted by くろなつ

the spring news....NICE HUH?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009
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the old kancil sure is nice. not as good as the new version but i like the old one better. hmm? what the bullshit i'm talking about? CAR of course!!!! old model of kancil, my sis'. now i will drive it. XD!!

i got some good news from my friend. a CC owner. ^__^ and i helped him with the maplestory private server. not a big deal really. but it just a bit confusing. hahhaa quite nice.

ahh my MUET test on this coming saturday. wondering how should i answer it. nicely or fastly?



Monday, April 20, 2009
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today i have a nice chat with Farid.

he told me his problems and what he wanna do next. i just wished him good luck.

he also give me a tip or two in DotA. he told me that my skills improved a lot. i almost reached his level. just i'm lacking some knowledge on item effects. :D well i know my weakness and i will overcome it.

hmm i wonder where my parent off to. haven't seen them since the dinner.... i'm all alone... once again. its normal for me though XD. nothing much. i'm a big boy already so i can stand living alone.

oh yeah, i skipped blogging due to connection problem. well its been raining quite heavily in my area. and the internet port outside my house often got stroke by lightning. a bit troublesome but the TMNET company sure do their jobs. XD


Thursday, April 16, 2009
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i failed my car test BIG TIME. the first part, right at the end. and the 2nd part, i went through red light. >.<

SHIKATANAI!!! i was too damn hungry and tired. i still have some fatigue due to yesterday's trip. and i skipped my breakfast due to NO MONEY!!!!

its been a horrible day to me. and also my mom said that i cannot go to KL this weekend.....wwwwWWWWWWWHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was frustrated and shout!!! SHOUT!!!! VERY LOUD!!!!




Tuesday, April 14, 2009
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YAY!!! i went to kelantan, HUSM (hospital universiti sains malaysia).

its been a nice trip. the ride (bus) was quite long but i listened to my mp3 during it. i traded mp3 with aki. YEAP he joined the trip too as a replacement for Farid since Farid transfer to another school.

its was long.....VERY LONG!!! sleep? SURE SLEEP!!! we departed at 8 am and arrived at 11.30 am.
YUMMY, i got myself a nice meal for the lunch!!! guess what? ITS Nasi Paprik EXTRA SPICY!!!!! DAMN NICE.

after that we went sight-seeing on the old culture houses and historial places.

finally its the HUSM. hmm we started first with a short lecture. its quite nice. ^__^ then we visited a genome centre there. its just some cromosomes lab. a bit booring for me.
BUT SAY WHAT? now its the real stuff. YEAH DEAD BODIES!!! Anatomy section.

there was 2 kinds of preserve bodies. the wet and dry preserve. i saw some nice featus in a box. (REAL ONE!!!!) and some separated dryed bodies. (arms, legs, head,) NO BRAIN!!! T__T what a waste.... and also all the bodies are man's bodies.... TOOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOORING!!!! (i am a boy afterall :P)

hmm what next? oh yeah, the full dead body. we went to a cold room where they kept one whole ead body in it. we saw about 12 dead bodies. YEAP!!! but it was all man's...again a BIG BOOORING... but it was nice to see those bodies. i didn't touch it since the smell of the liquid that they being soaked into is very smelly. pheomolene or something....

here's begin the fun!!! after that we went to the KB MALL. though its not as grand as the one in KL but it quite nice. there is no such mall in terengganu >.< maybe it is but it was still not good enough. i saw some NICE PC STUFFS!!!! graphic cards, coolers, RAM, power supply..... much more. if only i have money..... AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after that, aki, akmal,iman, adi and me went bowling. THE BALL IS SO DAMN HEAVY!!! but still the 1st place was owned by me ^__^

then i have a decent meal with aki. we have sizzlings. then we went to some CD store to check up some anime DVDs. i found A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 better than terengganu. I FOUND DIGIMON ADVENTURE, ADVENTURE 02, AND TAMERS!!!! BUT JUST ONE THING!!!! ALL IN CANTONESE LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AHHH DAMN IT!!!!!!!!! (aki-chan maybe interested in this >.<)

and so we went home. arrived at school at 12 am. i was tired but still i started my motorbike and went home. luckily the gasoline didn't run out before i got home...


Monday, April 13, 2009
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ahh the tension.... the new penolong kanan in my school is too hmmm OBSERVE.
ahh i don't know to write what...

oh yeah, i will go to kelantan tomorrow, HUSM to be exact. hopefully i will have a safe journey ^__^ i heard that FMA is back with the title Full Metal Alchemist: brotherhood. seems quite nice but i don't downlaod on-going anime. so have to wait till it full release then i will download.

1 more, tytania is in my utorrent's list right now. quite slow.... well streamyx is the slow thing not my pc. >.< i also read about a new mecha anime. vecent....(something something) sorry forgot the name. maybe later will remember..

eyes too sleepy...body too weak. g
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uess its sleep time......


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i wondered where my spirit have gone to. i have no aim in my life and i just follow the flow of life. but 1 thing that i know is i must change. from a lazy boy to a hardworking person. from a stupid shit to a full-of-knowledge student.

i don't know why but my body seems rejecting entertainment except for animes. and that what i did. i watched animes. (refer my previous post). i began to understand that i should be like the anime characters that i admire. they are, some sort of, being an inspiration to me. maybe not to study but to think things in a more advance way. i like that. ^__^

i can come up with many strategy in games but i don't know how to put it to use. meaning, i'm lacking of skills. XD but i won't give up. not until my blood in my veins stop flowing. @.@

anyway, its been a nice day to me. i felt a little bit depressed about the new rules and shits at schools but i don't think i will a damn to those new rules. TOO TROUBLESOME. doncha think so? ok i guess that's it. too tired, oyasuminasai.....

Anime Section

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
okay i finished 3 animes in 2 days. sorry but this time i'm quite sleepy and dizzy so i don't want to make it long.

first i finished vampire knight guilty. the story is interesting. the mysteries are also well made up. i like the part where cross yuuki turn out to be kuran yuuki, a pureblood vampire. and zero turn out to be the greatest hunter. the most shocking of all was when i know that yuuki's dad, cross kaien, is the ultimate vampire hunter. ^__^ DAMN NICE HIM!!!!! maybe i should make my avatar after him... overall the story is nice and the storyline is interesting... 4/5

then, i finished up medabots, 1st season. since i downloaded from torrent, the episode arrangement was a little bit off. but overall i understand the story. well there's a lot of booOOOORING part in it but it is quite fun to watch. who ever thought that the incident of 10 days of darkness stop with henry (hikaru ogata) destroyed the rare medal. that's explain a lot. and surely i like Erika. cheerful and active. karin is not a bad choice either but she way to dump for not realising kouji's feeling towards her. >.< (i like mecha animes XD) 3/5

lastly i finished up SoltyRei. YUP the one that being aired in animax channel. ^__^ at first, the storyline is a little boring and everything seems dull. but after the Proceeds being shown in some episodes, the story starting to get interesting. Solty Revant actually one of the Artifical Intelligent made by the technology from the ancestors of human which migrant to the place where they stay in the anime (i don't know the name). it got 3 AI, which is Eunomia (main computer that control the town) , Dike(solty revant) and Heles (a space ship computer which appear in the final episode...... XD spoiling the fun.). these 3 are a part of 1 super computer or something like that . i must say, the OP is nice to hear, the ED hmmm maybe so-so . TRY IT OUT , it not very mecha-like anime but still can be counted as one. 3/5

*cough* *cough*

Friday, April 10, 2009
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ahhh cough again. its very painful. hope it will gone soon.....

hmmm i always listened to japanese songs, and sometimes i can sing it (maybe mostly but surely with practice). but can i make my own song? i can, with vocaloid program which i don't install in my pc. i got the installer but i don't want to install it since i don't want to spend time on it for too long.

the same goes to lightwave 3D. both are fun programs and quite confusing too. but it was nice to know new things. ^__^ discover new things and learn. talk about learning..... i abandon my study for 3 months already.

i know i cannot keep on like this but i don't think i have a choice here. OH WAIT maybe i got one.. but i don't know it myself. >.< i suffered enough from failure but i don't want to rise from my failure yet. but i will even if i have to sacrifice my blood for it.

what the heck i'm talking about T__T
actually it just that i watched vampire knight guilty. and feel so sad for the main female character cross yuuki/kuran yuuki. from a normal human to a pure-blood vampire.... i don't expect that... not a single bit. its a good thing but what if i have a past like her. it surely be very painful for both my heart and my body. T__T

okay enough for my crapping words. i will write a review on Vampire Knight Guilty and Medabots (1st season) tomorrow. BE SURE TO READ IT OUT!!!


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ahh i quite blur at school today. don't know what am i aiming in the future. hmm a futureless man, quite nice ^__^ but i won't be one. okay maybe half of it >.<

my imouto came back today from her hostel. i have a great chat with her just now. we talk about our school's problem and our self problems. it quite relaxing for sometimes.

i was pleased with the cakes that she bought. JUST HIT MY APPETITE ^__^. blueberry and chocolate cake. YUMMY 2 cakes XD.

i got schooling on this saturday. and a marching contest will going on in my school. >.< it sure is booOOORING but i will make some side activities. YEAH SOME anime-related project. OH YEAH!!!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
as i told before that sakyou internet problem is very PROBLEMATIC.

after a little bit of research, i found that the problem is not entirely about spyware or something like that. i think its the company itself that have problem.... shocking huh?

i got the info that, maxis broadband during the trial is fast. but once you paid for the package, it will become slower and slower....

i don't know whether the information is relevant or not but i do hope that its a lie...

>.< poor my dear sakyou....


Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
hey, check it out!!!

they are back with a brand new layout. it seems quite plain to me though. but i very glad the X (the admin) manage to get the main domain back online. so say good-bye to domain.

hey, i pity sakyou. i asked her to run a speedtest on and she get a very bad result.

ping = 1001ms
download speed = 0.06mb/s
upload speed = 0.04mb/s


i suspected that her pc got affected by spyware. her connection is quite nice and 5 times better than mine. but thinking of her download speed too slow, its just too impossible.

so that where faisal, sakyou friend came in. he is an computer geek and well aware about spyware. so i asked him to FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM IN SAKYOU's pc. and you know what, we end up chatting. even as i type this, i still chatting with him.

but if the worse happen, then sakyou need to format her pc. its the last resort......

anyways i have a good time today, found myself a new friend and figured sakyou's problem in internet connection. hope it can be fixed ^__^


Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Posted by くろなつ
ahhh so pain... the sickness and the feeling of no money. i have no money. been like this for 2 weeks already. *sigh*

paid my balance car driving license's money.... which is $415.... huh again money....
maybe i should go for part-time job..... *sigh* have to focus on MUET..... *sigh*

ahh this is getting ridiculous!!!!!

oh yeah. about the stepmania from before.

it can be download at:

the songs (mine is anime songs) can be download at:

it got many more website but i don't remember them all. DISCOVER IT YOURSELF!!!!!
i could use a new harddisk >.< almost running out of space!!!!!
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