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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
Lately, I've been losing sleep.

Coding, codings all the time... ahh.. I wish I had my school life back. So much freedom. No dateline to rush for. And the relaxation... FUH!.

I'm playing DotA 2 and FF13 for now. As for DotA 2, I'm really hype about the new Phantom Assassin event. Item drops everywhere... crazy!.. as for FF13, I wouldn't dare to start the application. Because if I do, then I'll be facing the game till I sleep. And that's can't do, because I have so much work to do....

As for gaming on mobile, I only have 3 game, O2jam, Ninja VS Pirate and Summoners War.

been "touching" these games for quite awhile now. It is fun, but as usual. If you spend more money, you can be powerful...

KuroReviews: Rail Wars!

Monday, October 27, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
This time its Rail Wars!. When I read the title, I was hoping for sengoku period of wars kind anime, but it was different.

Although it is not like what I expected, but it is quite interesting.

My opinion: This anime is good for relaxing mood. Let say you want to take a break from watching heavy anime (such as Gundam SEED, Code Geass, etc) then this anime is for you. The storyline doesn't really there. It is more like an episode end (the whole episode only tell about one story). Well it is a relax anime. Just like K-ON!. But this anime focus on TRAINS! and what it take to work for a train company.

There's a bit of harem and light fan-service. I also get to know many train stations in Japan when watching this anime. :D In the end, I have fun watching this anime.

My Rating: 3/5 (in term of relax anime, I'll give 5/5, but I personally was hoping for a better ending.)

Tepi Sikit

Monday, September 29, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
Joe Flizzow, one of Malaysian Rapper. I don't know much about him. But I like his new song "Tepi Sikit" feat Sleeq. I know Sleeq. I like how Sleeq Rap.

This is the official video for Sleeq - Tepi sikit feat Joe Flizzow.

I'm not lagging but I'm blind

Friday, September 19, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
I played dota 2 a LOT!. but tonight, I'm really frustrated with the Dota 2 server. My ping is ok, but I can't see some of the skill animation. So its kinda hard to evade all those "unseen" skills. its like playing with a blindfold.

The feeling is really sucks. Always happened to Mirana's arrow. I can't see it coming, but then I just got stunned. I was like, WTF is going on here?!

It is really... the worse game ever!!! (game I meant here is the particular round of game. not the whole dota 2 game.)


BG.... (if GG stands for good game, BG stands for bad game)

Death Note

Thursday, September 18, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
After so many years,

I remembered that I haven't watched Death Note... For the past few days, I marathon the whole Death Note Series. :D I will right a review once I done marathon-ing all the episode.


Friday, September 12, 2014
Posted by Kuro Natsu
I'm thinking of doing itasha for my motorbike...

Been thinking of doing it for awhile now. But I have no money for it. Eventually I will do it. :D

Of course, my choice of itasha will be Whether Freedom Gundam or Strike Freedom Gundam. Since My bike base colour is Blue and Black. I think Freedom Gundam will look better at my bike.

Oh yeah, this is my bike:

An old model bike, currently honda stop producing this bike. It is a great bike and I'm loving it.

Itasha for this bike will look nice. Tried google before but didn't found a anyone did an itasha for this bike.
I just finished watching the latest movie of sora no otoshimono. Sora no Otoshimono: Eternal My Master.

My opinion: This anime is really funny, ecchi and quite a bit of action too. The storyline is very good. The art is superb (so is the fan service). I can say that watching this anime is pretty much like watching Ah! Megami-sama. It is almost the same concept, but with better art, quality and humor. 1 thing I like the most in this anime is that the chibi design is very quite and different from other chibi anime i watched so far.

Isn't the chibi character is just too cute. :D The flaw of this anime is that the inconsistency of the storyline. Some times the episodes can be too relaxing, almost nothing and sometimes it can be too much action. BUT! that's not a bad thing though. For me, it is quite nice to have the storyline that way. Because I found that I'm laughing a lot when watching this anime.

My rating: 4/5 (-1 point due to latest movie ending. making me confused.)

Info: For this series, I only watched the anime series and movies. The manga I'm considering to read it soon. I MUST KNOW THE ENDING!!!!
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